Asked on Feb 11, 2012

What is your take on this.....

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"that these are retro fit windows and explained how the windows would be installed without removing the entire frame of the existing window which is standard installation for our company."
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  • This is a common statement from many of the retrofit companies. Most of the "window" companies keep the old sash in place and simply fit the new into the old. Thus their installs can be done so cheaply. The real true replacement windows done by professionals pull the old sash out and re-trim inside and outside as needed. My take its all about snake oil salesmanship. These guys make the real good guys look really bad. when comparing numbers. The poor consumer only wants a window. And in their eyes, why should they pay a $150 more per window for what appears to be the same thing. The unfortunate thing about this, it happens in all the other trades as well. Must be a snowy day in CO.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Feb 12, 2012

    you would be surprised to know "which" company is making this statement.

  • Windows are one of the biggest rackets in our market....same with gutter covers. For most companies, it's about quick dollars at the cost of long term service. I get questions from clients every week about vinyl windows. They all want to know what's wrong with the $160 vinyl window from blah-blah-blah world and why they should pay $350 or $400 for a quality window from Pella, Anderson or the like. Drives me nuts.....which is a very short trip!

    • EL Hoard
      on Nov 20, 2015

      So are you recommending a Window World type reductions or Pella. I live in Memphis, TN and retired. I would like to do my own window replacement, but have never attempted it. Is it difficult? Is it a one man job or more than one person needed?

  • Ricardo B
    on Feb 13, 2012

    The house we purchased in Albuquerque, NM seven years ago was thirty-five years old and had the typical real stucco on the outside. It was finished all the way to the very edge of the double-windows that needed to be replaced. We had no choice or option except to retro-fit. Since the HandyAndy guy we used was local, he knew what was required and actually did a real good job. The only thing I had to do was match up the color of the stucco on one edge where it crumbled. A local stucco guy working on the house next door told me how to best do it myself by feathering tinted and thinned stucco "wash" to a finished edge. (That advice was free and... it worked!)

  • Ricardo B
    on Feb 13, 2012

    Well, KMS... are you going to tell us? (smile)

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Feb 13, 2012

    Ricardo...does an orange vest help as a hint.

  • Ricardo B
    on Feb 14, 2012

    It gives me the whole story, KMS...

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