20 Reasons Not to Trash Your Ugly Worn Out Sweaters

Don’t toss those well-worn sweaters - turn them into THESE

By Hometalk Highlights

Cut strips and make a rag wreath

Using strips of your most worn out winter sweater, make a rag wreath for your door.

Cover a cardboard box for cute storage

Cover up a large cardboard box and add handles, for adorable storage that’s totally free.

Sew bits together into a warm table runner

Cut up some old sweaters and flannel shirts, for this table runner that’s packed with character.

Give an old pillow a cozy upgrade

If you’ve got even minor sewing skills, you can instantly upgrade boring pillows with ease.

Or cozy up your seating area

Any cute pillow cover like this will make your couch seem warm and welcoming.

Wrap vases snugly for a comfy centerpiece

Turn cheap glass vases into tabletop stunners, using old sweaters and candles or sticks.

Make a plush mountain range for your couch

These mountain shaped pillows are not just cute, they’re super cozy - plus, they cost nothing!

Make a draft stopper to keep your home warm

You’ll prevent the cold weather from seeping in, and it makes your door look so cute.

Cover a can for cute supply storage

Save a large can and cover it with an old sweater, for some really cute desktop organization.

Use a piece of sweater to cover an old stool

Add a fresh new look to an antique stool, using a pretty patterned sweater you’ve outgrown.

Dress up your hot cup of coffee

Cut up an old sleeve and make this snuggly cozy for your morning cup of joe.

Use a shrunken shrug to update a ratty chair

Reupholster an elegant chair with that one gorgeous sweater that accidently shrunk in the wash.

Make your spring flower pots look unique

If you don’t have a sweater with the pattern you need, upgrade yours with paint - then use it!

Turn a sweater sleeve into a soft heating pad

Use a sleeve from an old sweater to create a soothing heating pad to relax your sore muscles.

Or make your own mini hand warmers

Pop them in the microwave and these little sweater bags will keep your hands warm all winter long.

Cut up scraps and string them into a garland

String sweater scraps into a decorative garland to light up a blank wall or an empty window.

Make a set of wine covers for hostess gifts

Cover up those wine bottles in an easy and inexpensive way, and amp up your gift giving game.

Use rings of scraps to decorate your table

Make a set of napkin rings from an old sweater, to create a cozy table setting for colder weather.

Decorate your plain jane candles

You’ll be much more inclined to light your candles if they look this this.