Asked on Jun 7, 2013

Cleaning brand new grout in shower

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So, here are the dirty details - I just had the shower in my master bath renovated - beautiful pebble stone floor with "Snow White" grout - it was sealed as it should have been....and then my cat deceided to poop on it while I was a work - the contractor, bless him, cleaned up the poop, but the stain remained - i tried cleaning with a clorox based cleaner followed, the next day with Kaboom....stain is still there, although just a hint - any advice anyone?
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  • It sounds as though it was not properly sealed. Had it been the stain would not have set in. seeing this is new shower, I would simply using a grout saw remove the offending area and regrout once again. Then to be sure reseal the area. You know its done correctly when it no longer soaks in. Sometimes a few sealings is required. Be sure to wet the entire floor with the sealer and not just the grout. depending upon the type of tile you are using it too will absorb moisture and stain as well.

  • Home Repair Tutor
    on Jun 8, 2013

    Hi @Rebekah H , Woodbridge gives awesome advice. I'd like to add a tip that helped me and several other people. Try mixing OxiClean or any oxygenated bleach with water. You can make it into a paste or slurry and apply it to the "pooped on grout". Let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse with water. If you're concerned about the oxygenated bleach hurting your tiles you could test it on a scrap piece since you just had them installed. But oxygenated bleach doesn't discolor like normal bleach does and I had no issues with our tile. Here's a post I did on this topic (it was an experiment) that might help If this doesn't work then go with Woodbridge's suggestion :)

    • Mike
      on Dec 25, 2015

      We cleaned 1000 square feet of tile this way and used a tile brush from Amazon that screwed onto a broom handle. We are 74& 83 years old. It took a week going one section at a time. For a younger person it would be ideal. Had to mop eac section 3 to 5 times to get up all the dirt and oxyclean. It is beautiful. Sorry no pictures.

  • Tile Excellence Inc
    on Jun 8, 2013

    all great answers and advice but as a last resort whenever I have grout to be cleaned I find the quickest and most effective is muratic acid found in the swimming pool section or the masonary section of the hard ware store. mix 2 parts whater to 1 part acid in spray bottle and apply to stain let it bubble for 3 to 5 minutes and rince with water. Always use causion when working with acid as not to get it on your skin or in eyes. this is a last resort if the other 2 methods above dont give you the results you need regards

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