Asked on Jul 18, 2013

Lawn deceise

Deborah GhirardoKay AdamsDouglas Hunt


I have been getting brown spots on my lawn, At first I thought it was cats, but it keeps spreading. something natural to help please
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 18, 2013

    It would really help if you could post a photo of your lawn, Deborah, and tell us what type of grass you have.

  • Kay Adams
    on Jul 21, 2013

    You have how to get rid of grubs in my grass....

  • Deborah Ghirardo
    on Jul 24, 2013

    I will try to get pic's tomorrow or in few days, I live by Ocean, my grass is just green stuff I turned into a nice lawn lol. It looks like spots from a cat peeing on your lawn, but stared w/a few now have @ leas10, & it's eating my jasmine bush the middle of it.

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