13 Kitchen Paint Colors People Are Pinning Like Crazy

You'll want to re-paint your kitchen after seeing this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Use washed-out white to create a vintage look

Chalk paint is the key to creating this worn-but-new look.

Incorporate some turquoise into your decor

The patterned dishes create the perfect balance of mix and match.

Add some grey into your kitchen

The cool tone will keep your kitchen at the right temperature, even while cooking.

Or paint your whole kitchen grey

A yellow accent rug brings the perfect amount of contrast.

Add red to spice up your kitchen

A simple accent of bright color can really make your kitchen pop.

Stain shades of blue on wood

You can incorporate color without compromising the wood.

Bring dark brown to give it a modern feel

Contrast it with some white countertops to emphasize the dark shade.

White cabinets open up your kitchen

The color will instantly brighten the room without any extra light.

Paint cloud blue on your cabinets

This subtle color will add character to your kitchen

Or paint cobalt blue on an entire wall

The bold color will make a statement.

Black and white differentiate cabinets

Why choose one color when you can choose two?

A mint green keeps it fresh

You’ll feel calm and collected every time you walk in.

Choose a print instead of a color

Wall paper is the perfect way to make your kitchen unique.