11 No-Scrub Ways to Clean Your Washer and Dryer

Get rid of that mildew, mold, and lint with these great tips

By Hometalk Highlights

Leave your machine door open after a wash

Letting your machine air-dry is key to keeping it clean.

Remove your clothes promptly after washing

Just doing this can prevent the mildew and mold from starting.

Run your washer's hottest cycle with bleach

It’s simple, quick, and it keeps your washing machine clean.

Or instead of bleach, use vinegar

It’s less chemicals and produces the same results.

Use a clean cycle with lemon essential oil

A great solution to clean your washing machine and get rid of that mildew smell.

Use both bleach and vinegar

If you have a top-loading machine, this can be done in one cycle.

Make your washer smell nice with a salt scrub

These homemade laundry crystals make your clothes and washer smell good.

Use soda crystals to scrub for you

They get rid of all the grime. No scrubbing necessary.

Wipe the rubber seal

For front-loader washers, this is where all the grimy stuff builds up.

Shake out your dryer’s vent

Get rid of all that dust and lint by detaching and shaking out the tube.

Vacuum your dryer’s lint trap

A simple way to prevent fires and remove all that lint.

Brush off the lint trap after every wash (Mot

An easy way to maintain a dryer for a long time