17 Practical Bedroom Updates That Also Look Amazing

Excuse us while we rethink every part of our bedroom...

By Hometalk Highlights

Floating nightstands that fill empty walls

All it takes is a few wooden planks and some paint to create colorful and convenient wall decor.

A golden organizer that stows & shows jewelry

Turn a cheap frame into a decorative organizer to stow and show your favorite shiny pieces.

Soothing bedside lighting that’s also stylish

Forget the standing lamp — add your reading light straight to your nightstand with this clever build.

Storage towers that frame the bed

Now your books and bedtime necessities have an attractive place to live around your bed.

An easy draped bed skirt with rustic flair

Grab the drop cloth and turn it into a skirt to keep items from getting lost under your bed.

Fairy lights woven into a cozy rug

This will add a little luxury and a little light to your bedroom in a single shot.

A bright light made from shimmering mirrors

Cast light all over your bedroom with this magnificent mirrored chandelier.

Display shelves that give a space depth

You can use any old shelf to store stuff, but these honeycomb hexagons will look so good on your wall.

A string light headboard as a focal point

It’s easy, inexpensive, and creates a central point for your beautiful bedroom.

This window shelf with a whimsical touch

Upcycle a storage option for your wall that doubles as a decorative hanging.

Shutter sconces that add instant rusticity

Shutters are a great way to create a cozy country feel in your bedroom, not to mention they’re cheap.

Under bed storage that you want people to see

It’s not really hidden storage if you’re hoping someone will spot it tucked down there.

Space saving night stands with slatted style

These stools won’t take up much bedroom space, but they will add a big burst of style.

Room dividers from colorful fabric scraps

Separate the different areas of your room with strips of bold and beautiful fabric.

A laundry hamper that’s spa-worthy

Turn pallet planks into an understated laundry hamper to hide your clothes, but beautify your room.

Hanging nightstands for dreamy drama

These are so simple to make, you’ll be surprised you haven’t tried adding them sooner.