Acrylic shower stall & glass door

What is the best cleaner to clean soap sum off acrylic shower stall & glass door
It is in great shape but need a natural cleaning solution .
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  • Jan Jan on Sep 02, 2016
    Mix up a spray bottle with half blue Dawn dish liquid and half white vinegar. Spray on and leave 30 minutes or more. Wipe or rinse off.

  • Sylvia Picone Sylvia Picone on Sep 02, 2016
    I suggest keeping a squeegee in the shower and wipe down the door each time you finish your shower. When I had one of these doors it worked for me and then occasionally I would wipe it down with windex, but vinegar works too.

  • William William on Sep 02, 2016
    Soft Scrub works. DO NOT use anything abrasive or you can cut into the clear coat.

  • Suzy Q Suzy Q on Sep 02, 2016
    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a sponge. Dampen first. Don't buy too many at a time; they seem to have a 'shelf life'.....Easiest of all methods I've tried!

  • Rob Tatro Rob Tatro on Sep 02, 2016
    lacquer thinner. cotton ball, small area at a time, quickly remove with clean rag and flush with water. from working in a top shop

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 03, 2016
    White vinegar ,water and a dash of dawn works for me. Spray shower down on a regular basis and use a squeegee

  • Carol Carol on Sep 03, 2016
    A cleaner with orange oil in it with clean and shine them beautifully

  • Beth Beth on Sep 03, 2016
    Believe it or not, you can use Avon's Skin So Soft.

  • Big Mike69 Big Mike69 on Sep 03, 2016
    Do not use lacquer thinner. It can damage the plastic it will even eat Plexiglas. Try good old WD40 it works wonders.

  • Dawn Corrigan Dawn Corrigan on Sep 03, 2016
    Use cleaning vinegar and baking soda once that's dry apply two coats of rain X. Reapply every 6 months. You won't believe how easy it will be to keep your shower clean.

  • Lori Lukes Kelly Lori Lukes Kelly on Sep 03, 2016
    After its clean, only use shower gel, no soap.

  • Vicky Myers Vicky Myers on Sep 03, 2016
    Zud might take it off if you can find it. NO BAR SOAPS! Only liquid soap and not ones with oils in them. Been cleanng for 30+ years once that bar soap crap becomes one with the surface a jack hammer won't get it off. I never use bar soap my landlord of 10 years was shocked when he did his inspection every year, I never had to clean the tub and shower I would just spray a little bleach once in a while and just walk away to kill any germs. Could spray vinegar which is safer than bleach for your lungs.

  • Yoy2428146 Yoy2428146 on Sep 03, 2016
    Save used dryer sheets to clean with....clean up is a breeze.

  • Skylar Skylar on Sep 05, 2016
    Pinterest has tons of great organic cleaner ideas. Once you get it clean just put a clear liner behind the doors then they stay clean and you only have to use windex once in awhile or vinegar and water,

  • Vicky Myers Vicky Myers on Sep 06, 2016
    Plastic shower liners off gas toxic chemicals not good to breath. No bar soaps no scum.

  • Zest it Up Zest it Up on Feb 15, 2017
    Hard water spots are such a pain! Here's a DIY cleaner I came up with:

    I hope this helps!