Ideas and Thoughts Helpful in Making This Better

Small walking closet
q ideas and thoughts helpful in making this better, closet, organizing
q ideas and thoughts helpful in making this better, closet, organizing
q ideas and thoughts helpful in making this better, closet, organizing
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  • Carol Carol on Sep 23, 2016
    When doing a closet, once it's in order, it just might stay in order. All empty hangers should be in the front, not scattered everywhere, for easy excess to. Only in season clothing, should be in your closet. I always put my shorter things first & work my way to longer & heaviest things in the very back. I get quite carried away with how I do my closet & my drawers as well. Light material & pastel colors, go in the front, then the medium weight & slightly darker colors next, and finally, the darker colors & thickest materials last. Short clothing like tee shirts or blouses, in the front & the longest in the back, like slacks or dresses. The hangers should all be the same in the color of your choice. My drawers are pretty much the same way. When, you are in the mood, take it all out & put it back in with thought. Not in the mood, for the whole job, all at once, the old baby steps can help, little by little. Even 15 minutes a day, will get the results, that you want, without wearing yourself thin. I went to my mother, long ago, because I had no time for this one pet peeve & really grating on my nerves. That 15 min. thing is what she said. I asked her, "How will that get anything done?" Her wise words were times it by 30. (The days in the month.) So I did & I accomplished it faster than I thought. Play your favorite musica, because once you break the ice, you just might not want to stop. Worked for me.
  • Debi53 Debi53 on Sep 23, 2016
    First take absolutely everything out of your closet—and I do mean everything. Trying to straighten with the clothes in there is pointless. Then go through every single piece of clothing, shoes, etc. and ask yourself if you truly love or use that item. If you don’t love it or use it regularly or seasonally, do yourself a favor and let it go. Keeping unused or unworn items means you will always have clutter. Then get some multi hangers—skirt & pant hangers that will hold 4-5 pieces. Get as many as you need to hold all your skirts and pants. Make sure each item you put back in your closet fits and is in good repair. Organize sleeveless tops together, short sleeves, then long sleeves, then sweaters (if they can be properly hung) and jackets. When you hang them, group them by color—white, then pastels, reds, etc. Then when you go to look for that favorite white top, you don’t ever have to hunt. Hang longer items like multi pants/skirt hangers and dresses toward the back. Always group items by color. Put your shoes in clear plastic boxes, or buy a shoe cubby. I prefer cubby’s because I can just slip my shoes in & out. Or get a hanging shoe bag the twirls so you have multiple pockets. Don’t pile clothes on the shelves. Hang them up. Use your shelves to store purses, and/or line with baskets to hold gloves, out of season flip-flops, etc. Also use your closet door. I have a purse holder on mine. You can also hang a shoe holder. I use one to hold scarves and another to hold pantyhose and socks. Hope this helps
  • Jackie Byrd Jackie Byrd on Sep 23, 2016
    You don't say what other furniture you have for clothes storage. A bureau or chest of drawers? Under the bed storage? Since the lack of hanging space is critical ONLY hang what cannot be folded. Buy a set of those skinny felt covered hangers to add uniform to the look of your closet. The price on those hangers has dropped, they're not expensive. Buy a shower curtain rod cover and put it over that awful galvanized pipe rod. If you reduce the hanging items to only the essentials, then you should be able to insert a shelving unit, floor to ceiling, right inside the door. Take careful measurements and carry then with you -- you never know when you'll stumble upon the perfect solution... as long as it fits.
  • Christine Dwyer Christine Dwyer on Sep 24, 2016
    I agree 100% with the slim line velvet hangers. I use them and doubled the amount of things I could fit on a rod. Now your closet. You should do some measuring first and compare my suggestions to the rod lengths you already have. I would remove the shelf. On the left wall I would put two horizontal rods, one above the other with space in between enough to accommodate your shirts. Put those rods as high as practical and a storage shelf above the top rod. On the right wall, put one rod for long items like robes, dresses, trousers , etc. above that rod you might have room for 2 shelves. On the back wall in between the hanging clothes, there should be room for a tall, narrow book case type of shelving, width dependent upon space available. Here you could put folded sweaters, shoes and/or purses. Now you also have floor space available {maybe}. On the back side of the door you can hang a shoe bag which is also good for scarves and other misc. accessories. Measuring, comparing and planning are the keys.
  • Juj11220159 Juj11220159 on Sep 24, 2016
    From cans of food or soda, save the pull tabs that have two holes. Place one hanger through the top hole, let it come down to the base of the hanger, and put your item on it. Place another item on a second hanger and slip it through the other hole. Now you have a layered hanger with two items. This doubles your closet space!
  • Susan Franks Susan Franks on Sep 24, 2016
    I agree with Debi53. Remove everything from your closet. Make 3 piles: KEEP, DONATE, THROW OUT. Be brutal. If you have not worn it within 6 months you won't be wearing it again. Please get new coat hangers. If you like, a different colour for different seasons which will help to organize your clothes. It looks like there is room at the very back for a slim Tallboy dresser for folded items. The shelf above your hanging clothes can house square baskets for other foldables. There are many styles of shoe racks that you can place on the floor from front to back on one side of the closet. On the other side you can place neatly your luggage. I hope these suggestions help.
  • Tracy M Marshall Tracy M Marshall on Sep 24, 2016
    Thank you for all your wonderful feedback I'll post pictures when I'm finished
  • Peggy Bender Peggy Bender on Sep 24, 2016
    Yes ! Use soda can tabs to put on hangers . Then put another hanger the top part , with the hook part threw the hole of the tap. That way you have two tops or pants in the closet on one hanger. It's like having two closet in one.
  • Tracy M Marshall Tracy M Marshall on Sep 25, 2016
    Thank you for all the input my clothes are in three pounds now I have a double rod so I can do 2 hanging clothes all of them have been color-coordinated I'm trying to find a bookcase to put into the closet once I get everything accomplished I will post pictures once again thanks everyone
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