How to hide or disguise this ugly phone?

I'd like to hide or disguise this ugly phone unit on my kitchen wall. It needs to be something attractive to surround the unit but still make it usable.
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  • Judi Gill Judi Gill on Sep 25, 2016
    Create a box surround with a little door that swings out to open. At the hardware store you can purchase a tiny knob to gain entry to your hidden phone.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 25, 2016
    Honestly I think anything you do to disguise the phone will actually make it more obvious. My opinion.
  • Oldglass Stuff Oldglass Stuff on Sep 25, 2016
    Some type of box or basket with a hinged lid could be cut out in the back and screwed into the wall but what you use really depends on your decor. Rustic/country is the easiest 'cause you can use neat antique (looking?) boxes for this. If this were me, however, I would really consider changing out that ugly phone and setup (sorry). There are tons of sleek options that look better than what you've got here and it may prove to be less work and expense in the long run to get rid of the thing.
  • William William on Sep 25, 2016
    I would move the phone off the wall to a small table or stand.
  • SANDY M SANDY M on Sep 26, 2016
    I would have to agree with Janet P. and Oldglass Stuff and just take it out all together. Anything you try to put around it will just make it more if an obstruction on the wall. Is it possible to relocate it on the counter? We took our landline out years ago since we have our cell phones with us all the time.
  • Sabrina's Organizing Sabrina's Organizing on Sep 26, 2016
    I like Judi's answer. The box can hold a sticky pad and a pencil box for when you need to quickly jot down notes.
  • Lindy Lindy on Sep 26, 2016
    It looks like a phone I used to have-the clunky base was removable and it could be hung flat(er) against the wall. The phone then sat flat against the back of the base and into the cradle where it now stands. Try removing that large base. If that can't be done then buy a new phone if possible. All of the above answers are spot on unless you want a box with a hinged door in that space. You could stencil "Payphone" on the front.
  • GoddessOdd GoddessOdd on Sep 27, 2016
    Not sure where it is on your wall, but it looks very close to a passageway, so this might not work. I have covered uglier things with just a wicker basket. In my case, I had a pretty large circuit breaker box hanging in a kitchen, it was probably a foot long and wasn't mounted flush into the wall, but mounted on the surface. I went looking for a basket just big enough to cover it, I found a rectangular basket that covered the box completely. I hung a few other baskets in on the same wall, so it looked deliberate. The baskets are useful in a kitchen, and this is a cheap and easy fix. I do think the best solution is to move it or try to fix the base so it hangs against the wall.
  • Celeste biegen Celeste biegen on Oct 01, 2016
    surround it with a small wooden box with a door and no back. Have it look like a wall box and when it rings, open the door for the phone.
  • Sandra Sandra on Oct 01, 2016
    I agree with William that you should just put it on a table. But if you leave it on the wall, where it looks awkward, I would go look for a much shorter telephone wire. Why do you have that long wire wrapped around the phone? Buy a short one and save that one in case you move it to a table and you need the length.
  • Heide Heide on Oct 03, 2016
    Hide it in the trash can. Switch to cell phone only.
  • Karen Selberg-Lavelle Karen Selberg-Lavelle on Oct 03, 2016
    I would look for a shelf to set the phone on. You can buy finished shelves with a variety of decorative shelf brackets. Make the shelf long enough to maybe put pen and note pad next to the phone. Set some other decorative items on the shelf: small photos, small vase with silk flowers, seasonal items for the holidays, three pillar candles in various sizes with some fun stuff at the base.. These items can also hide the wall jack. The shelf allows you to locate the phone closer to the edge of the wall...allowing a straight up and over with the power chord, making it less obvious.... The main thing is that the shelf and what you do with it will distract from the phone. I am just silly enough that I would have fun with the power chord by hot gluing spiders or ants on it. Or a silk vine that leads up to the shelf with a vining plant on it. Or, using the shelf, move the phone over so the chord can come straight up the wall and over to the phone base. Walk around the craft store for something that grabs you once you know what you want to do and just need the items. Definately check here for repurposing ideas. Don't forget thrift shops. Have fun.
    • Patricia Ann Patricia Ann on Oct 04, 2016
      I use a phone shelf from the 1920's. The phone itself sat on the first shelf, the phone book sat on the lower level. It's a dark wood, so effectively the phone disappears into it. Then I add a small bud vase with flower, and put a pen and pad into the phone book portion. Sadly, I've never seen another like it in antique shops..
  • Celeste biegen Celeste biegen on Oct 03, 2016
    well then I don't have to tell you what a gorgeous little town this is! My family actually moved to Jacksonville when I was a teen and I attended JU! Small world huh?
  • Celeste biegen Celeste biegen on Oct 03, 2016
    R build a box around it with a little door and paint the door with a chalk paint so it can serve as a message center...or maybe put in cork for pinned messages.
  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 03, 2016
    I'd semi-enclose it in a TARDIS police call box.
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