Why Everyone Is Buying Fake Flowers for the Holidays

From Halloween to Christmas, these faux flowers have got you covered.

By Hometalk Highlights

They make bright and bold wreaths

This stunning wreath grabs the center of attention with it’s red hydrangeas.

They look stunning on your mantel

A couple of these flowers in a metal vase was all this mantel needed to decorate for fall.

They fit perfectly in pumpkin planters

And they won’t get cold or shriveled on your porch.

Or really in any pumpkin

Whether it is white or orange, these flowers are perfect.

They look fabulous as fall decor

The colored flowers are exactly what these fall glass vases needed.

They make a beautiful chandelier

Okay, so this might not scream Christmas, but it’s so pretty you’ll probably want to make it anyway.

They can turn into turkey napkin holders

You know you’re going to use this on Thanksgiving.

They know how to stand out anywhere

Those roses on this wreath could not be done if they were real.

They’re perfect for decorating pumpkins

The fake flower was the final flourish for these dryer vent pumpkins.

They look great as a centerpiece

Pair them with some pine cones and pumpkins.