Hang Your Christmas Lights in These 10 Breathtaking Spots

These lights weren't just made for your Christmas tree.

By Hometalk Highlights

In red and white holiday candy canes

These PVC pipe canes are what every front door needs this holiday season.

On your mantel in glowing bottles

Or even just on your mantel, but we love this bottle decor.

On your ceiling from twigs and branches

We’ve never seen a lighted ceiling like this, but we love it!

On your wall in letters

The lights give an extra oomph to this garland wrapped JOY sign.

In your bedroom for a dreamy headboard

This is actually simple than you think, and it looks gorgeous.

On a lighted Christmas canvas sign

Make your home twinkle and sparkle with this easy-to-make snowflake sign.

On your door in a boxwood wreath

Or where ever you want to hang this green and fresh Christmas wreath.

In your fireplace around your wood

You can’t kindle a fire, but it’s perfect if you won’t be using your fireplace this year.

In your entryway

Welcome the holiday feeling every time you walk in your home.

On your banister and stairs

That warm Christmas spirit will follow you throughout your home with this clever idea.