10 Surprising Ways to Turn Old Furniture Into Extra Seating

That last one is just absolutely stunning.

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: An old and battered dresser

They could have tried to paint this dresser, but instead they repurposed it.

After: A bench for your entryway

With some cute pillows, this bench is the perfect thing to sit on while tying your shoes.

Before: A used french coffee table

She found this on the road and could not leave it alone.

After: A cushioned and comfy bench

The table top was the perfect spot for this thick cushioned seating.

Before: And old bed frame

This head and foot board was not in use anymore, so this DIYer chose to do something else.

After: A cute vintage garden seat

The green paint and small seat is just adorable.

Before: two broken wooden chairs

These chairs would have been thrown out if not for this brilliant idea.

After: A classy wooden bench

With a pallet of barnwood, these chairs got a whole new makeover.

Before: A plain, yet sold dresser

This dresser was sturdy, but it wasn’t what this DIYer needed.

After: A patriotic storage bench

This is definitely not something you see everyday.

Before: A sleigh bed frame

This headboard and footboard were stunning, but they had seen better days.

After: A cute blue side seat

By cutting the footboard in half and adding a floral patterned cushion, this seat was ready.

Before: A tall antique dresser

Her mom’s dresser was worn and used, so she decided to make it into something else.

After: A cute chic seat

Wouldn’t you want to sit on this while putting on your shoes in the morning?

Before: An old dining room chair

She spent hours looking for the right type of legs, until she found this chair.

After: A simple dining room bench

Using the legs, this mom added cute extra seating to her dining room.

Before: A huge 70s coffee table

She saw this and thought there was nothing that could save it.

After: A stunning cushioned bench

This turned into a gorgeous statement piece for her entryway.

Before: Two Louis style ripped chairs

These chairs were going to go into the trash.

After: A french style stunning bench

Just look at that gorgeous applique and piping on the cushions!