What can I DIY into a personalized booklet?

Want to start a personalized booklet for my 10 year old great grandson.Need advice about what type of booklet to use or DIY item. I don't care for the looks of the loose - leaf hole binders which would suit the items perfectly that I'd like to display in clear plastic pages. Maybe decoupaging the front and back covers would help? Thank You, Helen
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 05, 2016
    Make a scrapbook with family photos and use embellishments and stickers to go with them.
  • Kathy Kathy on Dec 05, 2016
    Write down memories.... some with him, and some of special events from the past about his relatives. Get other family members to jot down stories about them or moments when he was involved. Pictures, pictures and more pictures. It never gets old looking at past photos of people who have passed...... it keeps them alive!!!!

    Events of today and events from the same day the first year he was born.... compare how much things have changed!!!

    Sounds like fun..... hope it goes well.... whatever you use, make sure you can add pages!!!
    • Hel13246760 Hel13246760 on Dec 05, 2016
      Thank you for your reply! I will start to get all these ideas together and start on my "Memory Lane" booklet. Thanks Again Kathy And Have A Wonderful Holiday & New Year! Helen
  • Lak6361267 Lak6361267 on Dec 05, 2016
    He would probably love to have memories about his parent and memories about life in your day. You might start with Christmas when you were young. I loved to hear stories about my mother's Christmases when she was young. She'd describe the candles on the tree and oranges and nuts in the stockings. She's also tell me stories about chasing the ice delivery truck down the street to catch ice on hot summer days. She is no longer alive and I'm in my 60's now. I would have loved to have those stories written in her handwriting to keep for my children. You might leave room for him to write HIS favorite memories. I'ts sometime hard to get boys to get interested in writing projects, but if you do this together it will make all the difference in the world to him.He'll appreciate the time together and you will be creating new memories as you go. What a wonderful grandmother's gift you're giving him!
  • Hel13246760 Hel13246760 on Dec 05, 2016
    How very sweet and endearing your idea of a memory booklet is. I'm 80 now and wish I had asked my Mom about her childhood - Funny I also remember running after the ice truck on hot summer days in NYC just waiting for the ice to be made into chunks with his ice pick for the fruits and veggies on display outside a store. I want to relate my memories also of WW2 home front when the night sky was lite up to watch for enemy planes and the blackouts we had-so many memories!! Thank you so much for your tender thoughts for my booklet & have a wonderful Holiday and A Happy New Year! Helen
  • Liz Liz on Dec 12, 2016
    This is the easiest way to make a booklet for your great-grandson: Go to Walmart and look in the school supply/office section. They have "Composition" books for usually $1. You'll recognize them when you see them, because they've been around for years. Cut a piece of paper, wall paper, contact paper, scrap book paper or decorative gift bag from the Dollar Store, to fit the composition book. Measure so that you'll have enough paper to cover the inside of the covers. The covers are sturdy cardboard, the pages are lined and the books have lots of pages to write on. I like to use Tacky Glue for these projects and you can get that at Walmart, too. Have fun!
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    • Hel13246760 Hel13246760 on Dec 13, 2016
      Hi Liz, Good hearing from you again (My California Friend) - I'm a transplanted New Yorker since 2004 - I was living there when 911 happened- He was a firefighter and medic at that time- He lost a number of "Brothers" that horrible day - The strongest "Brothers" he worked with broke down and had problems after- I don't know if my great-grand son was told about that - My husband is fine and retired quite awhile now. Very Thankful he was not at that tragic event because of an injury firefighting in our neighborhood. For months after all the toll booth collectors leading into and out of Manhattan would not accept his pay toll because of the Blue Signal light in his car.
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