Asked on Jul 27, 2012

Homemade Pill Organizer

Lin R
by Lin R
Can any of you crafty people out there think of a way to make a non-toxic and nice looking pill box holder? I need something with compartments large enough to put all my big vitamins and suppliments in for daily use for 7 days. I do not want any of those plastic weekly pill holders, but something that will look nice sitting out and again is non-toxic and has a lid. I look forward to your ideas!
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  • Lin R Lin R on Jul 27, 2012
    Love that idea Sheila!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 28, 2012
    I am saving small plastic jars such as spice jars. My son had a darling chartruse jar the other day that his probotic came in and I asked him for it. Then there was a small hot pink one that held liquid for blowing bubbles for the dog. Now I have my eye on a small clear one with a bright yellow top that is almost empty of the dill pickle salt my son loves! I have developed a facination for small brighly colored plastic bottles or ones that have beautiful labels which I am careful not to get very wet when I wash them out. I know I will find a use for them . A small lbel on the lid with the day and set in a small wire basket would be adorable.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Jul 28, 2012
    How about something like these? (and a the cute crate)

  • Lin R Lin R on Jul 29, 2012
    I will do that Sheila. Thanks to everyone for the ideas.

  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jul 29, 2012
    I save the little jars from the specialty pickled artichoke hearts and such that I tend to use in my cooking. I'm always making lotions or such for someone in the I make use of them for that...but certainly they would make cute little vitamin jars as well... also a cardboard "hatbox" with spice jars in it would be could cover the lids with fabric to match the hatbox...You could even screw the hatbox to a lazy susan to make it revolve...

  • Leah M Leah M on Feb 05, 2015
    I needed to make a morning/evening pill dispenser for someone. It was suggested we get those M&M flip top plastic containers. I took the labels off, put new ones on with the days of the week and put it in a spice rack I found at Goodwill.

  • Carrie Carrie on Apr 02, 2015
    Try a bead organizing box or a 'floss' box for storing embroidery thread. Great idea. Cheap. Avail at any major craft store. Art stores have dual-purpose items that travel well, too.

  • Jan Sey Jan Sey on Apr 08, 2015
    I bought a 2 sided plastic box (for screws, washers, etc.) that had many compartments at Harbor Freight (a hardware type store) for my vitamins. Can use baby food jars for some projects that require small glass jars. type store) No search results.

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jul 16, 2015
    I use drawer dividers to keep my vitamin bottles in order. You could paint them. Mine are a boring orange, but they do keep bottles from rolling all over.

  • Gabrielle Falk Gabrielle Falk on Jul 18, 2015
    If you don

  • Gabrielle Falk Gabrielle Falk on Jul 18, 2015
    If you aren't keeping the container on display, I went to the hardware shop and purchased a small plastic box with many divisions (actually a fishing tackle container for all those little bits & pieces that fishermen use) and put my vitamins etc. in that. I also use a couple of the same for my costume jewellery. You can see immediately what you have stored. Alternatively. If you want the container 'on view' what about a jewellery box? Obviously the right size, with compartments, or compartments where you can place small plastic vials??

  • Aubrey Stanley Weber Aubrey Stanley Weber on Oct 19, 2015
    Here is a video tutorial on how to make a origami pill box...really awesome

  • Beth Hammer Carroll Beth Hammer Carroll on Nov 13, 2015
    There are large, large pill containers for a week at a time . I take lots of meds and vitamins and it holds mine just fine. I got mine at the dollar store.. and yes you guessed it for just a dollar.

  • Elizabeth Paolero Elizabeth Paolero on Oct 06, 2018

    Folks, I think she knows about the plastic box versions, but wants an attractive nontoxic option, as do I.

    • Lin R Lin R on Oct 06, 2018

      You are correct Elizabeth. I ended up getting little tiny mason jars and had someone do needlepoint fruits on the lids. They work great other than I don't have the day of the week on them. I guess I could write that on a label but so far they are working well.

  • Elizabeth Paolero Elizabeth Paolero on Oct 06, 2018

    Love that idea. I have a tiny jelly sample jar I use for pills in my purse, but it’s not pretty. I have seen two styles of nontoxic wooden weekly am/pm pill organizers that I like, but they’ve $80 to $125.

  • Lethia Page Lethia Page on Sep 19, 2019

    I like altoid tins. They make a large one for the regular mints and sugar free ones come in a smaller one depending how many pills you take every day. Collect for as many days as you like. You can keep them in a basket or maybe a set of two (one basket for full ones and one basket for those that need refilling.)

    You can also use tic tac containers.

  • I would use the 7 day pill box and place it inside another box that has been decorated.