Or stencil it with a vibrant pattern

This floor takes the cake for all concrete floor. It’s just so stunning.

Paint it into a cozy stone porch

These red stones look paved, and not painted.

Transform it into a brick floor

Any guest that walks through this floor does a double take because the brick looks so real.

Stencil it into an intricate floor

With hardly a budget for new floors, this DIYer painted it to look even better than tile.

Turn it into a diamond tiled floor

This entryway looks welcoming and high-end with just a bit of paint.

Stain it with an intricate stencil

The two tones of colors and the center insignia makes this floor completely unique.

Give it a gym vibe with rock chips

The blue and grey chips worked perfectly for this new garage.

Stain it into a stunning floor

There wasn’t much that went into this floor, but the results totally changed the room.

Stencil it with a chevron pattern

Give your floor and room some personality with this simple and pretty pattern.

Turn it into a hardwood floor

With one stencil, this concrete floor turned into an expensive hardwood one.

Transform it into a fun pattern floor

This balcony totally changed and got a great floor with a fun stencil.