Has anyone tried a rubber mulch?

I was at a Home Show last week and talked to a company that makes recycled mulch from used tires. We did not discuss cost but I would imagine that it is far more than regular mulch but might be worth it if you don't have to replenish it every year. If you have had any had experience with this I would appreciate your sharing as I am very interested to know if it does the job as touted.
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  • Leslie Meade Leslie Meade on Mar 21, 2017
    I tried it a few years ago but did not like it. It would blow away out of flower beds so easily. The next year, it seemed to fade.
    • Brenda Brenda on Mar 22, 2017
      Well that's good to know Leslie. We are in a high wind area so that would definitely be a problem. Thank you
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 21, 2017
    in my area recycled tires are used for rubber mulch. the are generally kept out of gardens, and are used under kids playground equipment.
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 21, 2017
    rubber mulch in my area is usually used under kid playground equipment, not in gardens.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 22, 2017
    There have been pros and cons reguarding the chemicals used un the process of rubber mulch.Based I that I would opt for the regular mulch.
    • Brenda Brenda on Mar 22, 2017
      Thanks Janet. Looks like the cons outweigh the pros for this stuff.
  • Barb  Delta, PA. Barb Delta, PA. on Mar 22, 2017
    I have used rubber mulch in my flowers beds for years. I have had all my flowers come back every year with no problems. I never have weeds, bugs or diseased plans in these gardens. My flowers have​ grown and mutipled over the years. Ever year I just add a couple new bags to freshen up. I get lots of compliments on my gardens. Love rubber mulch. Keeps the bugs down. Hope this helps

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    • Nancy Jill Hayflich Rees Nancy Jill Hayflich Rees on Mar 26, 2017
      I used it when I lived in Orlando, FL. where we had 98F degree temperatures and 98% humidity from June-October. I had great luck with it, no issues with blowing away, smell, mold or losing color. The kind I bought was small chunks and purchased at Home Depot. I mixed black and red together in my beds. I used it for about 5 or 6 years until we moved and am getting ready to get some to use at my new house.
  • Barb  Delta, PA. Barb Delta, PA. on Mar 22, 2017
    Great idea. Try to stay away from the shredded though that does blow a little in the wind. Not bad though. I've used both and love the look as well. Also helps to keep termites away. Good luck.
  • I use a LOT of mulch for such a small piece of property. While I like the look of rubber, it is too windy here at certain times of the year to be efective. Plus it is blazing hot in summer and the patch I tried, started to stink then mold. I may be in the wrong climate for this product. I tried it as I wanted it up against the house as I will not use wood mulch because of possible termite infefestation. Try a small area and see how it works before investing. Good luck! I love the look of it. Hope it works out for you. ☺
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    • Oh the Japanese beetles are terrible! I feel for you! Good luck and I wish you much success!
  • Claude Claude on Mar 24, 2017
    If jap beetles are bad, use milky spore...
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    • Brenda Brenda on Mar 24, 2017
      Just looked up milky spore and it sure looks promising. Was considering nematodes but with 2 acres and applying it spring and fall the cost was prohibitive. Thank you so much for the info.
  • Claude Claude on Mar 25, 2017
    i have 2+ acres...applied it spring and fall one year...you will notice a slowdown in summer but by next spring you will forget that it was such a problem...overall cost was $30...did not even use the 40# bag up...so I spread around m favorite gardens until it's used up. Good luck.

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