Sorry to say I live on the 5th floor,can't have a garden-what can I do

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  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on May 15, 2017
    Do you have a patio? Or any kind of outdoor walkway? You can also plant some indoor plants by your windows!
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 15, 2017
    Do you have a patio?
  • Misty Joy Misty Joy on May 15, 2017
    A container garden on a balcony is always nice or if you only have indoor areas then you can use smaller containers and grow herbs and flowers. I have mason jars with basil, oregano and thyme in my window sills. Nothing fancy but very effective.
  • John John on May 15, 2017
    excellent advice from both above....I lived in New York city on the 23rd floor....I talked the building super to allow me access to the roof and had a beautiful garden there
  • Anna Anna on May 15, 2017
    If you have a sunny window, you can grow plants. Get some small containers and give it a try. If you have a balcony, larger containers and larger plants.
  • Lucy Pivonka Lucy Pivonka on May 15, 2017
    If you have any type of patio you can plant in large pots, or even build or buy small raised beds. You'll only be able to plant a few things, but try things that can go together - plant leaf lettuce around tomatos, for example. If you can only plant indoors that makes it nearly impossible. Try herbs and leaf lettuce.

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