What is the best pressure cooker? Brand ? electric?

Does anyone have a pressure cooker/crock pot combo?
I've been reading about them in test kitchens....
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  • Mickey Pesola Mickey Pesola on Jan 17, 2014
    I would like to know when you find out. I am also wanting to purchase one.
  • Kathe With An E (Kathe) Kathe With An E (Kathe) on Jan 17, 2014
    I mine is just the electric pressure cooker, Cuisinart. I love it! I work full time but can make a hearty dinner in no time!
  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Jan 18, 2014
    I have been eye balling the new electric ones, since they are more compact and would fit my available kitchen space. I just love new kitchen "toys". LOL I've seen several cooking shows using the newer electric ones which look very easy to use. However, I have 2 older ones, that belonged to my mother that I still use. A smaller one mainly for regular meals and a big fella I use for canning.
  • Pat Dollar Pat Dollar on Jan 18, 2014
    I usually go to amazon.com to see the selections available and go through consumer comments to aid me in making the best choice. I can rely on the fact that all comments both good and bad are genuine. Just imput "pressure cooker crockpot" in the search area and it will take you right there.
  • Becky Arneth Becky Arneth on Mar 31, 2014
    We use ours all the time but it needs to sit on the stove top. It is not a crock pot and can not be left unattended as in your leaving the house. But I doubt you should do that with any preassure cooker even the electric ones ... As for brand...I don't know ...It was inherited from my Mother-in-law, and is well over 50 years old .
    • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Apr 01, 2014
      @Becky Arneth Agreed. Crock pots and pressure cookers are two entirely different cooking utensils. Pressure cookers are quick, but you must pay attention to them when in use. Not paying attention is one of the things that contributes to the "myth" about them blowing up. The newer digitized ones still need to be watched. They are just another cooking tool, you wouldn't leave your oven going and leave the house, it's the same difference.
  • Cindie Taylor-pamula Cindie Taylor-pamula on Jun 04, 2014
    I bought one 5 months ago. I was always scared of them, but, when I saw new elec. one I had to have it. I bought ELITE PLATINUM . When I saw the demonstration OMG . And It turned out so much better. My husband also loves to use it . So Happy ... Look on line for video demonstrations.