Any Ideas for this corner with the wood stove pipe?

Trish Stanton
by Trish Stanton
I am unclear as to what to do with this part of my house, "The Breakfast Nook".
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  • This pipe is one that needs to be kept clear. You can build a wall around it, but the wall needs to be at least 12 inches away from the pipe for safe clearance. I am assuming its triple wall pipe if your burning wood, or something else. You can always paint it using a high heat paint so it looks more blended in. But keep things away from this, including curtains and such.
  • Z Z on Jul 22, 2014
    What a shame they didn't take this outside, though I'm sure the reason it's inside is the cost. I'm with WETH and would paint it with a high heat paint such as this one by Krylon. It only comes in four colors, but as far as I've ever seen, that two more than anyone else.
  • Colleen Colleen on Jul 22, 2014
    This is a tricky situation.If you have children in the house you'll want to make it safe, maybe a "half wall" surrounding it (even with the electric base board and wall outlet). This would take up space as the previouse person stated it'll have to be at least 12 inches away. Maybe a curved wall around it with a faux finish. Good Luck!1
  • Mary Mary on Jul 22, 2014
    Would it be possible to use decorative concrete blocks, front and side, to camouflage it? Something like this, maybe? Seems like it would be better than looking at that pipe, lol.
    • Mary Mary on Jul 22, 2014
      @Mary Well, the pic didnt show up. But you can Google decorative concrete blocks and see different ones.
  • Z Z on Jul 22, 2014
    @Bob, would it hurt to add column header and base around it if she can find them in the correct size? In our first home we heated it with a wood burning stove in the basement and the triple wall pipe came up through a closet. I don't remember it ever being hot enough that it would damage something like that. But then again, that was years ago and I may not have paid enough attention to it.
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    • Z Z on Jul 22, 2014
      Thank you @Bob. I knew you'd know the answer. I wasn't sure, if something at just the very bottom and top would make a difference. I imagine if one could have something specially made from sheet metal it would still be against code? My Daddy was a tinner and he could shape metal to any form on his brake. We had one in our garage when I was a little girl. My guess is the best/safest thing to do would be just to paint it with the paint made for high heat.
  • Maureen estell Maureen estell on Jul 22, 2014
    Perhaps making your own room divider screen, and folding it around the stove pipe? Either find extra large shutters and hinging them together, or frame one out of plywood?
  • Trish Stanton Trish Stanton on Jul 23, 2014
    Keep them coming guys, these are awesome! I have though about a wall as well a gluing some sort of stone on it as well.
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    • @Trish Stanton You cannot glue anything on it. The pipe is designed with several layers of metal to prevent overheating of each layer that covers the next. With the final outside layer giving off heat as well. If you cover this and not allow air flow around it, this will raise the overall temp of the pipe risking possible fire issue. Depending upon the pipe you need to keep anything from one inch to six inches away from it with any materials. But be aware of the type of material that you use.
  • Phyllis Phyllis on Aug 15, 2014
    they have cec. gold metal w/holes; like what they use for radiator covers; you can make a nice enclosure around the pipe w/it. than under the one window; make a side board and use same metal framed for doors; better than an ugly pipe.
  • Opal Opal on Aug 15, 2014
    I have never seen something like this. If you can't take it out the only thing that I can think of, keeping the fire hazard in mind, is either a metal fireplace screen or a metal wall divider depending on how high you want it. I would still paint the pipe and top piece to match the walls. If you go with a screen I would go studier so you could hang stuff/photos off of it. A metal plant stand configuration would might also work. I would love to see what you do.
  • Susan Viers Susan Viers on Aug 15, 2014
    Build a wall around it - whatever is required. the build a high table so you can sit facing the windows (nice view) and incorporate the pipe wall into the look. OR just build around it as needed (hang art work on it, or shelves), put 2 armchairs facing the kitchen with a small table between for a great coffee/breakfast spot. Just make the pipe a non issue.
  • Susan Viers Susan Viers on Aug 15, 2014
    Another thought. As with the other ideas - build around it. Paint the same color as the walls to make it "disappear" put benches to the sides of it and a table.
  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Sep 29, 2014
    My parents had a coalstove when I was living in their house, and I remember there were very specific rules regarding the materials used for the floor, walls and ceiling around the stove and the pipe, due to safety issues- the heat given off by the stove and pipe. If you have a permit and want this done 'to code', you have to see what your city or county regulations areI know that my parents had to install a brick wall behind the stove, and the stove had to be a very specific distance from the wall.
  • The Chirping Frog The Chirping Frog on Sep 30, 2014
    ya know... just go with it. It lends a neat "industrial" feel. I'd leave it alone and maybe make this a sitting area.... put a couple chairs and a small table in front of it (a safe distance but blocking access) and let the pipe be a backdrop.... if it gives off heat even better... that'd be my favorite spot in the house.
  • Joedean Small Joedean Small on Oct 17, 2014
    wrap a bunch of ive around it you could also make a lamp w/the ivy
  • Elisa Elisa on Nov 02, 2014
    Could you find a free standing (electric) stove and place it in front of the pipe? It would look as though they belong together, then possibly add thing's around like logs in baskets. Also a kettle on top etc. Also if possible paint the pipe to blend with color of stove using high heat paint...
  • Debbie Debbie on Nov 03, 2014
    We have the same triple wall stove pipe that runs from our living room on the 1st floor all the way up through the second floor, attic and through to the roof. It's been in since we built in 1983. There are requirements that the drywall be kept a few inches from touching the pipe. I don't remember that number, you can find out from anywhere that sells it or from your county building inspections office. To disguise it I could see a built-in floor to ceiling cabinet with shallow shelves and coming around under the window on the left to create a window seat under that sunny window with a pretty cushion. You could make it a straight box shape cabinet or angle it to fit between the two window frames notching out the base to accommodate the baseboard heat. Open shelves, with doors that open or to save money attach panel cabinet doors that don't open and paint all white to match your surrounding walls and trim. You could stain them to match your kitchen cabinets since this breakfast nook is part of the kitchen area.
  • MARY FISHER MARY FISHER on Nov 04, 2014
    How about an 'artist' of sorts, to paint on it and around wall area to make it look like a tree growing thru the floor?
  • Lla612911 Lla612911 on Nov 18, 2014
    If code allows, I'd see about having it re-routed so it goes out behind the stove and up, and patching the holes.
  • Vetinia gorman Vetinia gorman on Nov 18, 2014
    Why not build a table (circular of course) around the flue, and build a mini bar on the wall? You could then use the circular table to rest your glass on!
    • Nikkis Insights Nikkis Insights on Dec 28, 2014
      @Vetinia gorman and taller, using bar stools. and you could sit and enjoy the view out the windows from it
  • Lori Lori on Dec 12, 2014
    I don't know if I can explain this clearly but here goes.... If it were mine I would build a corner wall, in front of the pipe, two sided, following the size and shape of the seal on the floor, like this |__ . If I am not mistaking ( from my old memories ) the pipe is always warm when in use so I wouldn't box it in all the way around. You could then just paint it out the same as the walls which will help it fade from view. The other thing, if you need storage would be to build narrow shelves on the new wall and add doors for storing small things that maybe don't get used often. I personally would not do anything to draw attention to it. Anything you put on it, around it or near it is going to make it jump out. I can see it in my head and it looks great honest, :) , I just hope I have explained it clearly.
  • Christina Christina on Dec 12, 2014
    If it's not dangerous, wrap some white holiday lights around it.
  • Cam947594 Cam947594 on Dec 12, 2014
    How about making a column? Trimming it out at the top and bottom to anchor it, so it looks more built in.
  • Kathy Kathy on Dec 13, 2014
    When you have your chimney cleaned, does the person take the pipes apart and clean them too? If he does, you will want to make sure there is room for him to work there.
  • Shirley Hetherington Shirley Hetherington on Dec 13, 2014
    A friend had a copper one running through three floors from the fireplace on the ground floor. it looked fantastic and didn't need anything else. You could spray yours in beaten copper, or put some copper sheeting over it. I would love to have it. Happy Christmas :)
  • Louie Louie on Dec 15, 2014
    wow. that is a good corner to use the pole maybe as a fake trunck of a plant. Then just build around that.
  • Charmaine Charmaine on Dec 18, 2014
    I would wrap it in rope, and go for nautical or beach type theme. If you have cats it would double duty as a scratching post.
    • @Charmaine The issue with wrapping this pipe is you cannot. These pipes have safety clearances because they can get quite hot when they are using the fireplace connected to them. This can cause a fire.
  • Nikkis Insights Nikkis Insights on Dec 28, 2014
    i see a white lattice square surrounding it, making it into a square column...since it's probably giving off some heat that you need, or you could use metal radiator cover material. you could even get more artistic create a pattern of metal tin punch and place that around it, also in a square pattern. you could paint it with heat resistant paint, used for cooking grills. you could cover your windows with curtains, and extend it around the corner, and just box it in, and use the curtain fabric to go all the way from one window to the other, with the box in the middle covered also.. but that's only if it does not heat up.but that would need to go top to bottom, and cover the nice views from the windows, so that would not be my first choice if you like to look outside. you might want to create another faux column on the other side of the window, and paint them making them column like and more balanced. chalkboard paint and make it really fun and write all over it with fun quotes. those are a few of my ideas
  • Debbie Stanley Debbie Stanley on Jan 24, 2015
    Louvered door, painted or stained, set up like a room divider. You would be able to move it when necessary.
  • Eulonda Eulonda on Jan 24, 2015
    Go to a carpet store & ask them to cut you a grey or similar colored piece of hevy strip of narrow long (as long as the pipe ) carpet that would match your decor in the room & then glue onto the pipe using carpet glue. Wrap tightly around the pipe let set for 24 hrs. Then decorate with an artificial vine of your choosing. Bingo it's gone.
    • @Eulonda Cannot put anything on pipe. Glue, rope, carpet etc. Anything near it must remain at least 6 inches away for fire safety and codes. Would be fine if it was just an air duct, but its a chimney that can get quite hot.
  • Lauren Zelt Lauren Zelt on Jan 25, 2015
    Burlap or old shutters, or old doors make it into a pillar by boxing it in with wood then painting white or color you wish
    Chinese screen. Two minutes it is done or join two shutters together with hinges and get creative. Clearances for these pipes appear to be a few inches which is fairly normal. Don't attach anything to the pipes and be careful not to puncture the pipe with a screw nail etc. as this could create a fire or carbon monoxide problem.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 17, 2023

    If the Pipe throws out hear then for safety it needs to be boxed in but with grills to let the heat into the room. If it doesn't get hot, then yu could paint it with a stove paint and maybe make feature of it!

  • You could use shuttered bifold doors to create a decorative screen in front of it. It wouldn't block the heat, it could be decorated to match your decor and keep people safe if it's hot.