10 Ways To Turn Your Mirror From Drab To Fabulous

Upgrade you mirror from basic to awesome with these projects!

By Hometalk Highlights

Create Translucent Fretwork With Washi Tape

Use a light colored crayon to mark off where the washi tape fretwork will be placed.

Texturize A Mirror With Plastic Spoons

Break off the head of the spoon, sand down the center, and hot glue down.

Remodel An Old Door With A New Mirror

Use liquid nails to attach the mirror, nail the trim around the mirror, and cut off the moldings.

Transform A Basic Mirror Into A Trumeau

Use contact cement glue to apply the appliques to the mirror and paint the mirror edges in white.

Use Fence Picket Wood For A Mirror

Scrub with dish soap the wood fence and cut down the pickets to size.

Do A Nautical Look For Seashells

Sand down wood, screw together to hold on wall, and glue on seashells.

Create A Reflective Surface Over A Mantle

Glue a beveled edged mirror and trim with molding.

Recreate A Pier 1 Mirror From Pine Wood

Stain the pine wood and line up to desired look.

Makeover An Ornate Mirror With A Quote

Take out the mirror and spray over the stencil with frosted glass spray.