Ditch The Pastries To Have A Cake Pan Shelf

Measure out the diameter and drill wood pieces inside of the pan. Get tutorial here

Go Round With Circular Shelves

Separate embroidery hoops and coat with multi surface paint. Get tutorial here

Multi Cubed Shelves For Optimal Storage

Fill holes in the wall with spackling and affix anchors to hold up the cubes. Get tutorial here

Chop up Hangers To Hold Your Jacket

Draw a line down the middle of a hanger, hacksaw off, and adhere to a wood board. Get tutorial here

Repurpose A Ladder To Hold Your Valuables

Drill brackets into the wall and overlay hardware cloth. Get tutorial here

Don’t Take A Seat, And Hang The Chair

Saw off the legs of the chair and attach hanging hooks. Get tutorial here

Shelf Terra Cotta Pots To Hold Your Toiletry

Clamp down a board to drill in the holes and and paint a fresh linen color. Get tutorial here

Slide Out Shelves For Levels Of Organization

Sand down birch plywood and tint with Danish Oil for a walnut color. Get tutorial here

Install Pipes To Hang Your Hat

Assemble the pipes and install S hooks with indented wood on top. Get tutorial here

Get Geometric Fun With Triangle Shelving

Chop plywood and adhere with wood glue around the edges. Get tutorial here