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As many of you know who follow my projects, I've been doing a lot of organizing lately.
I currently have 2 large working desks/tables/stations (whatever you want to call them) in our living room which also serves as my office, and was starting to feel cramped which messes with my creative vibes, so I had to do something about this issue PRONTO.
Here is the BEFORE picture. *Side story: That faithful bookshelf sitting in the corner has been with me since I was a freshman in high school (ahem...16 years if you want! Can't believe that!). My mom bought it for me from Lowe's for my room and it was just unfinished wood. When I moved out, graduated college and got my own house, I painted it black. Then, last year, I needed a change again and decided to paint over the black with aqua for a funky distressed look. It's now removed from our home and will always have a special place in my heart (but really, I don't miss it--haha!). I've decided everything must go UP and off the floor!
SUPPLIES: -(2) 6-cube organizers (I grabbed these from Target while they were 'slightly' on sale.) -4 L-shaped anchors -1-3/4" wood screws -1/4" wood screws Optional: If you're removing things from your wall in order to make space for these organizer cubes, you'll want to patch up the holes from whatever was hanging there before. I grabbed a DryDex Wall Repair Patch Kit from Home Depot that came with everything I needed to spackle the small holes I had. *If you're taking the spackling route, make sure to also have your wall color paint on hand as well.

STEP 1 (optional): Sand holes Remove nails, anchors and/or screws from your wall and lightly sand the holes. I didn't go too crazy with this as I only had small picture nails in the wall, aside from 2 anchors with screws for one particular piece of decor.
STEP 2 (optional): Fill holes Next, take a Putty knife and fill the holes with the spackling, scraping off any excess. You'll want to let this dry completely, then repeat STEPS 1 and 2 until the holes are no longer visible and are smooth with the rest of the wall. *Note: no matter how many times you have to repeat these steps, make sure to sand the area one final time before moving on to the next step.
STEP 3 (optional): Once the spackling is dry and smooth, go over the spots you had to spackle with your original wall color. You can choose to roll it out but I decided to feather in the paint--2 light coats were good for me.
STEP 4: Level and measure The first step for mounting the cubes is to mark out the studs in your wall where you want them to hang, then, using a level, draw a line across the top of the level so you know where to line the top of your cubes up at.
STEP 5: Pre-drill holes This is VERY important! We experienced our screws breaking when we were trying to screw them in so you definitely need to pre-drill your marks on your studs BEFORE screwing in your anchors.
STEP 6: Screw anchors Next, position the top hole of your anchors on the pre-drilled holes. Make sure that they look like upside down L's (final picture below). {The idea is to have the inside top of the cubes resting on these anchors.} Then, drill in your screw (using the 1-3/4" screws) but don't make it too snug yet!
Take a small level and hammer, and lightly tap the anchor with the hammer to make sure that it is vertically level. After that, you can install the second screw into the bottom hole and make the top screw snug.
Here is what your anchors should look like. If you're only installing one organization cube, you'll only need 2 anchors.
STEP 7: Position and secure cubes Finally, take the cubes and set them on the anchors. Again, these things are super heavy so you'll want to be extra careful when handling them.
With your 1/4" screws, secure the inside top of the cubes to the anchors. There should be 2 screws per anchor. *We bought 3/4" but they were too long.
Here are the empty cubes once they were mounted. Oooooh the possibilities! This is every neat freak's dream (me included)!
I love how the removal of my beloved bookshelf and mounting these organization cubes on the wall has opened up the space! I forgot to mention that I bought 2 collapsible grey cubes, a small crate and a little stylish office organization box to go in the cubbies. I feel like I can breathe a breath of fresh air now in our living room and I'm so excited because this weekend our new couch will be delivered--I think it will tie everything together. My philosophy is "work with what you've got" and if our little house is what I'm working with (and I am eternally thankful and feel so blessed to have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep), then by golly I'm going to make the space work for our growing family. *Note: you'll definitely need a helping hand for this project if you've got scrawny arms and shouldn't be lifting heavy things! Thank the Lord for awesome husbands! ;)
Ok I just had to do a close up...I'm in love!!
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  • Wait... you put anchors in studs?

  • Stephen Radinsky Stephen Radinsky on Apr 06, 2020

    Now that the cubes have been up for 4 years, have you had any issues with them at all? Also, by chance do you remember what size anchors did you use to hang them up?

  • Eve clouthier Eve clouthier on Mar 16, 2021

    Why didn't you take the bookcase give it a refresh paint and attach it sideways on the wall? Strong, sturdy and special - make darn sure that it is adhered to the wall studs firmly and you are good.

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  • Debbie Guenther Debbie Guenther on Mar 12, 2020

    Great idea. My only concern would be the weight of the cubes. They're probably just made out of particle board, but they can still be pretty hefty, especially hanging them.

    • Gilmer Gal Gilmer Gal on Mar 12, 2020

      Have to make sure the screws are in studs and not just in the sheetrock. The it shouldn't budge!

  • DC DC on Mar 14, 2020

    Please do put some bottom brackets to hold the weight of the filled unit and stop it from coming apart. As is, only the top board is secured to the wall. It would be horrible to have everything below that secured board come crashing down when the stressed screws give out. Easy fix with bottom shelf supports.

    Thanks for sharing your idea, always rewarding to see you vision come to life, isn't it ;)

    • Comet Comet on Mar 12, 2021

      My same thought. I have those exact units on my floor in my LR, they are great but heavy to lift! Also if you buy Target cubbies they take a special SIZE FABRIC CUBE, so be sure to get those at Target also.

      The 5Below decorative wire baskets, lined with white fabric, look really nice in there but are a bit smaller, but the looks make all the difference!! I also have a set of these in my bedroom w both the Target fabric cubes and 2 wire bins and it looks great! The wire baskets break up the solid look of the fabric bins, even if you use a print it still presents as a *solid* surface.