Sliding glass door rollers assembly- help!

My sliding glass door fell off the frame today and we have been trying to fix it all day. Dealing with so many issues such as frozen, rusted screws, stripped, frozen, rusted screws and broken, frozen rusted screws. We finally removed the assembly to find that no one in town has this particular assembly. I man attaching a photo in hopes maybe you may have them. If so, I will need to purchase 2 of them and I can call to arrange that. If you don't have them, I will need to do a temporary fix until I can get someone to come out because as of now, the door is laying on my deck. As you can see from the second photo of the wheel, the end of the screw is just sitting loose in the frame. The screw is too short for a nut but it needs to be secure. When the assembly was removed, the whole thing just fell apart. I looked all through the rails, but whatever the psrt was that held that screw in place is long gone. Can you tell me what it could possibly have been? Also, is there a possibility that another style can be used? if so, what would I need to look for?
i appreciate any help can give me.
thank you,
q sliding glass door rollers assembly
q sliding glass door rollers assembly
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