What to do with old shutters?

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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jun 29, 2017
    You can paint them and turn them into wall decor for a gallery wall!
  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 29, 2017
    mail sorter
  • Sco19943475 Sco19943475 on Jun 29, 2017
    Hillela has a good idea. You could paint to any decor style. I like them used as photo holders, especially Christmas card holders. You can slide card one side under slots so face of card shows. You could Spain to seasons to display holiday items too.
  • Shirley Cribbins Shirley Cribbins on Jun 29, 2017
    small ones can be used for phone numbers.
  • Anne Freitas Anne Freitas on Jun 29, 2017
    I had big outside ones. I hinged 4 together in accordion fasion using heavy hinges. Then I used them different places in the yard just like u would a room screen indoors.
  • Castrang17 Castrang17 on Jun 29, 2017
    I saw an idea where a variety of antique hooks were screwed onto the shutters to hang hats, coats, jackets, scarves, etc. The shutters were screwed onto a wall (find wall stud) for support. One shutter was hung vertical and one was hung horizontal. Paint to match your décor.
  • Jean C Andrews Jean C Andrews on Jul 15, 2017
    You can use them as headboards.
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