I have double sinks in the bathroom and neither drains!


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  • Debra Debra on Aug 06, 2017
    Draino, snake them both. Landlord.
    Sounds like a tree is too close.
  • Amazing Grace ! Amazing Grace ! on Aug 06, 2017
    Sounds like there is a clog in the goose neck under the sink. Use a wrench to take it apart and see what is in there... you'd be surprised the collection of gunk that soap, shaving cream, whiskers, toothpaste etc. make. That would be my first suggestion, if it is clear... use a snake (not a real one.. lol) and go into the lines that exit through the wall.. could be a blockage. One time someone flushed a dish rag in the toilet and it caused the same problem... just sayin"

  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Aug 06, 2017
    You could try baking soda and vinegar to try and flush them out. You may need someone to take the piping apart to see if there is a massive backup, that was the case in our master bath. Once the pipes were disassembled and manually unclogged, they have been fine since.
  • Goat5691 Goat5691 on Aug 06, 2017
    I recently had a clogged drain in the bathtub so I bought Drain Pro Gel 64 oz. I bought it at Big Lots.I closed the drain and poured about a half a cup over the drain and let it slowly work and it did. I also poured about a quarter of a cup in my toilet bowl, it sparkles. Any drain liquid will do the job so pour about a quarter cup in each sink and let it set for awhile, repeat if necessary.
  • William William on Aug 06, 2017
    Remove the P Trap and clean it out. Also the rod that lifts and lowers the plunger can trap hair and debri. If that doesn't do the job you may have a clog down the line and it will need to be rodded through the P Trap drain connection.
  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Aug 06, 2017
    Baking soda and vinegar turned my tub drain into a volcano. No lava, lots of gooey hair balls
  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 06, 2017
    I like non-chemical Robotics Drain Cleaner, and I get the powdered. You might with some warm water, and pour down the drain before you go to bed at night, run hot water in the morning. Use a snake to see if its clogged with hair that you can get a hardware store, and clean out the trap below.
  • Kimberly Kimberly on Aug 06, 2017
    I use baking soda and vinegar. Pour baking soda first then vinegar and it fizzles and drain is clear. Safe and simple. We all have these items in the pantry. Good luck.
  • Mike Rupon Mike Rupon on Aug 06, 2017
  • Bob Fuller Bob Fuller on Aug 06, 2017
    Check vents for obstructions
  • Susan Langley Taylor Susan Langley Taylor on Aug 06, 2017
    Baking soda and vinegar ...then flush with hot water
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