Where to find wooden pallets for decking

Am looking for 2 dozen wooden pallets for free in Exeter Devon please

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  • DesertRose DesertRose on Aug 10, 2017
    Local companies will often give them away. Call your newspaper office, and mini mall companies. They usually stack them in the alley but be sure to ask first and always leave a neat pile of those you do not use.
  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Aug 10, 2017
    Most places recycle them ex. (Homedepot and Lowe's). Try your local supermarkets, and liquor stores. Call around to see maybe a department store, furniture, or even drug stores. You might find some on (recycle the world.org.) This site you look to give something you don't want any more, you meet with the person on neutral grounds. Parking lot, library, etc. You can look on this sight, and you might be lucky. You leave your email and tell them what your looking for. Good Luck!
  • Cla7627311 Cla7627311 on Aug 10, 2017
    Ask at your local garden store, hardware store, nursery or grocery store. if not free, ask if they have any slightly damaged-they may give it to you then but be sure to ask for additional broken pieces-easy fix.
  • J9sinclair J9sinclair on Aug 10, 2017
    Check Craigslist, search "Free".
  • Crafting While Adulting Crafting While Adulting on Aug 10, 2017
    i would check craigslist for your area if you are in US! That is where I find all of my pallets
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