I would love to turn this into a lamp!

Hi would love to turn this into a lamp I know how to do the lamp kit but need and idea for the top area.
q i would love to turn this into a lamp, lighting, repurposing upcycling
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  • Debby Boyle Debby Boyle on Feb 16, 2014
    I put mine in the garden & grew Morning Glory's on it, It was beautiful!!
  • Kelly S Kelly S on Feb 16, 2014
    Weave ribbon through the wire frame
  • Joyce Nelson Shellhart Joyce Nelson Shellhart on Feb 16, 2014
    You could just have a large bulb sticking from the top, if you really want to cut the glare I would use a nice silk shade in solid color with beaded fringe, that would give the "old leg lamp" idea.
    • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on Feb 18, 2014
      @Joyce Nelson Shellhart Great idea, Joyce! I agree with you that by wiring a lamp fixture onto the neck portion, perhaps with a brass tube to lift it higher, and using a pretty shade, it would make it a functional, distinctive lamp
  • Carole Carole on Feb 16, 2014
    I would leave the frame as it is and place a large bulb where the 'heart' of this 'mannequin' would be. No head or shade necessary. Or, wrap the frame work in something thin and white (some sort of fabric) so that the frame is no longer a bare frame and still use the idea of a large bulb inside, so that the whole frame then becomes the shade for the bulb.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 17, 2014
    If you want a shade, take the frame from an old shade (find an appropriate size) and fit a lady's wide brim straw hat on it (pulling down the brim as needed to cover frame...then decorate the hat with your colors...flowers, birds, scarves, etc. It would be adorable.
  • Tammy Tammy on Feb 17, 2014
    OMG thank you all for the wonderful ideas will keep you posted on the turn out. You know how man have there man cave well I'm doing my women cave 😊
  • Felicity Woodruffe Felicity Woodruffe on Feb 17, 2014
    i would buy a polystryene head the kind with facial detail on it, add a wig some cool sunshades, now fix this to the top of the frame and then dress the frame in pretty soft vintage clothing with a low watt bulb hanging inside the main body so when you switch it on a soft glow filters through the layers
  • Felicity Woodruffe Felicity Woodruffe on Feb 17, 2014
    the aim would be to try to create a gentille country lady look
  • Joyce Nelson Shellhart Joyce Nelson Shellhart on Feb 17, 2014
    I have a similar piece that I have spray painted bronze and use to display my jewelry.
  • Mr. Electric Mr. Electric on Feb 17, 2014
    So I'm going to be the safety advocate here.....All great ideas but keep consideration for the type of lamp /wattage you plan on utilizing and the flammabiity of any fabric materials. UL and other testing facilities inspect and approve most all light fixtures sold in the US for a reason....Just wanted to bring that up. Awesome light idea!!!
  • MaryAnn Winkelwoman MaryAnn Winkelwoman on Feb 18, 2014
    Try weaving ribbon through the frame. And using a low wattage bulb for safety.
  • Susan Trudeau Susan Trudeau on Feb 18, 2014
    Why not line the inside of the form with a silky thin fabric so you dont hide the wonderful details. Then use an LED light string to illuminate it. The piece will then be art as well as light.
  • Mama Rose Mama Rose on Feb 18, 2014
    I assume that this is a floor lamp. If it is, I would leave the frame as is. You could keep the wrought iron look or spray it in another (metallic) color. You could then put the lamp-works on the neck and perhaps you could find a nice (silk-like) shade that might have a rounded shape that might be slightly rounded so as to resemble a head.or a hat shaped shade. Perhaps you could make you own lampshade by creating a shape to fit your design idea and covering it with silk or nylon or even some velum/parchmont like material. Perhaps you could consult with a lighting store to help you design it.
  • Donna Alger Donna Alger on Feb 18, 2014
    Try a crocheted or knitted table cloth over the top of it and belt it with a belt or a ribbon or whatever, Maybe a garland of flowers?
  • MaryAnn Winkelwoman MaryAnn Winkelwoman on Feb 19, 2014
    I had another idea. How about stringing small lights( like Christmas Lights) throughout the frame?
  • Dee Dee on Jul 30, 2015
    If I were you, I would probably fashion a wire-frame head shape, using a cheap wire wastebasket. You can shape it freehand or using an old wig form and have an energy-efficient (no heat) bulb inside, then top with a vintage hat or whimsical bonnet. And when hallowe'en comes around, drape in diaphonous black fabric and have some fun!