Asked on Aug 23, 2017

What is the easiest way to build a floor platform for a buy in the box

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Is it possible to make one with plywood or concrete blocks? I don't have much skill or experience but am willing to try if given helpful instructions.

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  • Dawn Adkins
    Dawn Adkins
    on Aug 23, 2017

    I want to buy an outdoor storage shed from a DIY home and garden store and will need a floor, I live in a very rainy area.
  • Talk to the people you are purchasing the shed from to see what they suggest. Since it is so wet in your area, I suggest a properly poured concrete pad. Wood will rot out in no time.
  • Sharon
    on Aug 23, 2017

    I would buy 6 to 8 concrete piers, and fastners, build either a plywood floor on top or wood slat floor.
  • Dawn Adkins
    Dawn Adkins
    on Aug 24, 2017

    Thanks, I will check this out!
  • Flipturn
    on Aug 24, 2017

    Due to the weight of the shed, gravity, and normal moisture variation in the earth that comes with change of seasons, if the ground that you put the shed on is not properly reinforced first, the shed will eventually lean, sink, and soon begin to fall apart, and you money will be wasted.

    It is essential that you first level the ground area the size of the base of the shed plus about 2 ft extra all around. Next Fill the ground with crushed gravel. Then over this gravel you can put large 24" square concrete pads that will serve as both a floor to your shed, and good support for the whole structure. Although these pads can be very difficult to try to lift and manipulate into place (depending on how strong the workers you have helping you are....) they are meant for outdoors, and this method does not involve any building or construction.

    The shed will probably have to be secured down into the concrete pads at least in the four corners with proper concrete anchors. You will need to purchase concrete a concrete drill bit to make the holes. This step in important to prevent the shed from falling over, or being lifted off the pads in the wind.

    Do not use any wood at the bottom or under the shed. It will rot, shift, and you will soon be faced with a larger problem involving having to take down the shed and start again from the beginning.

    We followed these steps to install our yard shed this way many years ago, and it has given problem free years of service ever since.

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