What are the best Hybrid tea roses?

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  • Nor25769418 Nor25769418 on Aug 30, 2017
    I have raised roses for years and I found that the most hardy ones are the Knock Out ones..they are a hybrid tea...they are a lot more disease resistant and they will rebloom all summer long...they get real bushy and are a beautiful rosebush.. I keep them pruned as that encourages them to reproduce the blooms. They did get a little of the blackspot on them but nothing compared to my other hybrid tea roses or my 3 climbing rosebushes..
    • Missy Missy on Aug 30, 2017
      knockouts are great roses, but they are not hybrid teas. They are shrub roses. Here is a picture of my knockouts. They have been blooming like this all summer.

  • Alice Alice on Aug 30, 2017
    Jackson and Perkins are the best rose growers. They can answer all your questions and also offer you the best and most beautiful roses ever.
  • Kathy Kathy on Aug 30, 2017
    I love Double Delight-Fragrant and lovely to look at

  • Missy Missy on Aug 30, 2017
    There are so many beautiful hybrid teas, but they can be great one year and not so great the next. My favorite when it is a good year is the Peace rose.
  • Tricia Jackson Jones Tricia Jackson Jones on Jul 10, 2018
    I have Drift Roses in my yard and they are the best things I have never planted. They only grow to a height of about 2-3 feet. They should be cleared of dead blooms or crazy shoots about once a month, but are very hardy and free of maintenance.
  • 1401470 1401470 on Jul 10, 2018
    I love drift roses