Where do I store succulents during the winter in Indiana?

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  • Ironhorse68450 Ironhorse68450 on Nov 11, 2017
    If your winters can be "nasty"..as they sometimes are in Nebraska....I just put mine inside in a sunny place, and water sparingly!!
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Nov 11, 2017
    If you have any kind of porch with some sunlight, you can leave the succulents there. On the nights the temperature is below freezing, cover them with a cloth. If you have many freezing nights, keep them inside, but not close to a heater. 😇
  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 11, 2017
    I would bring them in for the winter. After all, succulents thrive in the desert. Keep the watering to a minimum. Succulents are thicker than most plants. That's because they store water.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 12, 2017
    If they are not winter hardy for you zone,re-pot in succulent soil,bring indoors and treat as a houseplant
  • Michelle Michelle on Nov 12, 2017
    Thanks everyone
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