How do I reive my ailing Christmas cactus?

I moved into a new apartment with only west light windows. My Christmas cactus was used to being in an east window and thrived very well, full and 100's of flowers. Now it's getting bare and no longer flowers. What should I do to help it get back to health? I tried to put more potting soil in the pot, and give it some water once in a while when the dirt gets dry and, still it does not flower and grow more fuller.

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  • Kathy A Kathy A on Nov 25, 2017
    Christmas cacti need just daylight to bloom; put it in another situation where is getting the same kind of/amount of light that it did in its previous location; getting light at night may be the problem.

  • Odi31540818 Odi31540818 on Nov 25, 2017
    Make sure you turn it the same way it was with sun on it, , , From an Arizonian. . . . .

  • Bobbi Lively Bobbi Lively on Nov 25, 2017
    you. Luke try getting a grow light.

  • Charlene Charlene on Nov 25, 2017
    I forgot to mention I'm now in an apartment complex with only west windows, east side is a corridor. I'll try removing it from that west window, and keep it out of the sunlight. You may be right about that light at night. I didn't think of that. Thank you so much!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 25, 2017
    It is not getting enough light.Cactus require at least six hours of direct lighting

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Nov 25, 2017
    My Christmas/thanksgiving cactus does fine in a west exposure. give it some time to adjust. how long has it been?

  • Clair Clair on Nov 25, 2017
    I have one too, it was given to me. It has never bloomed (3 Years) - has little “dry spots”.
    But it seems ok. No idea

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Dec 06, 2020

    Hi Charlene, so sorry you'e having problems with your Christmas cactus. Can you check the soil in the pot and the roots. If it's very dry and pulling away from the sides of the pot, water the plant and repot her in a new pot with a soil mixture of 2 parts peat moss and 1 part each of potting soil and coarse sand or perlite. When you give her water don't overwater, rather give her little bits every day. Too much water at once will put her into shock. The Christmas cacti, needs between 10 and 12 hours of light a day to thrive. I hope she comes right and bounces back to give you many more years of beautiful flowers.

  • Ddboss89 Ddboss89 on Jul 30, 2021

    I give my cactus 2 ice cubes once a week. I also fertilize once every 3 months....1 jobs stick per plant.....I get flowers 2 sometimes 3 times a year