What is the best way to clean shower doors and stalls?

I have very hard well water and it seems to cake on the walls, tubs, and especially my glass doors. I used a scrub brush (one of those spin brushes) and it still is grimy.

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  • Paymetotellyou Paymetotellyou on Jan 19, 2018
    Vinegar mixed with a bit of water and a few drops of Dawn dishes soap.
  • Kathy Kathy on Jan 19, 2018
    Vinegar and Dawn does not work
  • Laurie Laurie on Jan 19, 2018
    I’ve used straight vinegar. Put the vinegar in a spray bottle then spray the entire surface of the shower shower doors etc. and let it dry do several applications and then scrub with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar then rinse. I have found that to be most useful with very hard water . I also will spray the vinegar after each shower, this helps to cut down the amount of build up and makes it easier to clean .
  • A A on Jan 19, 2018
    I used soft scrub with bleach and a Brillo soap pad for fiberglass.
  • Mar31271529 Mar31271529 on Jan 19, 2018
    When I first moved into my house the cast iron old tub was disgusting. My friend told me to spray on Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Unbelievable! Worked like a charm. Could try it on your shower doors.
  • Sherri M. Sherri M. on Jan 19, 2018
    Tilex takes all gunk, crusty hard water buildup & mold off very easily. I love the ease of use!
  • Cindie Barngrover Mead Cindie Barngrover Mead on Jan 19, 2018
    The Works I get at Walmart works well. I recently used a cleaner I got off blog "One Good Thing" 1/4 cup blue dawn, 1 cup white vinigar 1cup hot water (heat in microwave, not too hot), pour all in spray bottle gently shake until well mixed. Do not shake to foam! Spray on area leave for 20 minutes or longer. whipe with micro cloth & rinse with hot water

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