Stunning Woodland Lamp Craft

Cut out a woodland animal & insert it into a mason jar. Illuminate it & add some greenery. Get tutorial here

Stained Glass Mason Jar Centerpiece

The perfect piece of decor for any room in your home! Get tutorial here

Multicolored Mason Jars For Your Spices

Drill the lids of the jars into underside of the cabinet, and fill with your favorite spices. Get tutorial here

Mold A Pretty Candle For The Coffee Table

Duct tape and hot glue down cardboard, then pour silicone into the box over the mason jar. Get tutorial here

Roll Up Your Craft Room Twine With A Jar

Put a bolt through the through the lid, then screw the nut and bolt into place. Get tutorial here

Have Your Address Numbers Shine In A Jar

Insert solar lights into mason jars after drawing house number on with a sharpie marker. Get tutorial here

Swirl Food Coloring Inside For A Tinted Jar

Fill mason jar with modge podge until it is ¼ full and squirt in a bit of food coloring. Get tutorial here

Screw Decorative Seasonal Knobs On The Jar

Drill a hole in the lid and insert a festive knob with Christmas candies inside. Get tutorial here

Transform A Normal Jar Into A Sconce Light

Remove the glass insert from the zinc lid and screw light into place. Get tutorial here

Make A Beautiful Design With Puffy Paint

Stick a sticker on the jar as the design to be traced with puffy paint, then spray paint. Get tutorial here

Fill Freshly Clipped Flowers In A Hanging Jar

Determine how long the boards need to be, and connect the mason jars with twine to the board. Get tutorial here

A Whimsical Welcome Candy Bowl

This cute mason jar makeover is a great kitsch piece for your hallway. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Get tutorial here

Cutlery Holder For Your BBQ Table

There may be plenty of Mason Jar holders but painting them bright food colors adds a touch of awesome. Get tutorial here

Darling Sewing Kit & Pin Cushion Lid

These revamped jars are perfect for storing sewing tools. Practical and cute? Yes, please. Get tutorial here

Stunning Soap Dispenser

Buy the blue ball mason jars and reconfigure the top. What a gorgeous bathroom container! Get tutorial here

Adorable Winter Terrarium

Though gardening may be seasonal, Mason Jar terrariums guarantee you can have a green thumb all year round. Get tutorial here

Gorgeous Metallic Mantle Sign

This bold mantle decor is beautiful & a new way to display the message you want. What a great sign! Get tutorial here

Leather & Mason Jar Tool Caddy

Need a tool belt with an extra bit of umph? Secure mason jars to old leather belts & you’ve got one cool caddy. Get tutorial here

Elegant & Simple Photo Gallery

Using clear mason jars and 4x6 black & white photos you can get an easy & budget friendly gallery. Get tutorial here

Breathtaking Boho Chic Chandelier

Paint the branches blue & add some fake crystals. This one was a wedding luminary. Isn’t it gorgeous? Get tutorial here

Crafty & Creative Shelf Idea

Nail them with inserts to a wood plank to get this craft storage idea. Funky, fun and so useful! Get tutorial here

Cool & Clear Makeup Brush Organizer

Brushes scattered all over the place? Mason Jars make great caddies for your makeup tools. Get tutorial here

Gorgeous Mason Jar Vase

This project is a great teacher appreciation gift, or would be lovely as a centerpiece for a summer party. Get tutorial here

Coastal Bathroom Container

Mason Jars are genius toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Decorate them in any theme you like! Get tutorial here

Pretty Paint Holder

When the paint is done, you’ll also have a cute decor to repurpose! Get tutorial here

Chalk Painted Home Decor

An easy chalk painted mason jar tutorial that can serve you as gorgeous home decor. Get tutorial here

Macrame & Mason Jar Planter

An easy-to-make macramé planter which holds a mason jar vase. Get tutorial here

Room Freshener & Lantern

Made from a Mason Jar, glass paint and a led light hung with fishing line. Get tutorial here

Mason Jar Hanging Vase

Skip the boring wreaths and great your guests with a gorgeous mason jar welcome sign! Get tutorial here