What stair carpet design to choose

We are looking at putting in stair carpet in our house, but are unsure of what color scheme/pattern to go with. The issue is that the bottom of the stairs is carpet, and the top is also carpet, which is different than a lot of pictures I've seen, where the stair carpet has been transitioning two different floor types, which feels like it opens up the stair carpet design/colors you can go with.

The carpet is a light brown/Sandy color, so I'm wanting to know do we do something like Option1, something that has a similar color to the carpet and has a subtle design (Option 2), or contrasting color with subtle design (option 3)
q what stair carpet design to choose
q what stair carpet design to choose
Option 1
q what stair carpet design to choose
Option 2
q what stair carpet design to choose
Option 3
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 07, 2018
    Honestly I would take in consideration the small space and not very much lighting.I would either take the carpets off the stairs and use stair rails, or take the carpet out of the hall way and keep it wood.Again this is personal taste
  • Le' Le' on Feb 07, 2018
    We just did this......same color carpet......love not having carpet on the floor...pull it all out....we used wood planked vinyl...love it
  • Pinkflmgo626 Pinkflmgo626 on Feb 07, 2018
    I believe the choice is up to you. Whatever your taste likes. Besides if you install new carpet to try & match what’s there, age, fading, etc, could be a problem. One cute idea Ive seen is carpet on the treads & contrasting colorful paint or stenciling or tile on the fronts. Hope this gives you some ideas to work with. Would love to see finished produc!
  • M. M.. M. M.. on Feb 08, 2018
    It looks like you can get the same pattern but in different colors. I think I'd keep the dark-to-light feeling,esp if it's transitioning to a very different part of the house (dark for heavier traffic areas, lighter for grown up/master bedroom area). Do be careful installing looped carpet on stairs however, if anyone in the house wears heels. They can easily snag and cause a bad fall! Hard surface flooring on stairs might be easier to clean, but it increases stair noises, makes going up and down more 'clattery'!
  • Angie E Cates Angie E Cates on Feb 08, 2018
    I would use real wood Instead.

  • Angie E Cates Angie E Cates on Feb 08, 2018
    Or if your really into the carpet I’d use the dark because I like the rich color. I’ve never really been one to hide my space so then it has to be a more neutral color. I like the rich chocolate look.
  • Tyler Lansangan Tyler Lansangan on Feb 08, 2018
    Thank you all for your feedback. I think we are looking to stay more with carpet, partly because we have little ones, and the carpet is much easier on their hands and knees (or entire body) when they're going up or down the stairs 😊
    • Linda Linda on Feb 11, 2018
      It would take lots of work but how about alternating the carpet colors? One step dark then the next step light.
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