Asked on Feb 10, 2018




My steam iron puts down some little white stuff when I use it, how can I get it to stop doing that? I use bottled water in it. Thanks.

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  • Chubby58
    on Feb 10, 2018

    you can mix 50% water with 50% vinager let it set in the iron overnight then turn it on and let the steam run out.What happens is the inside of the iron where the water is had corroded or rusted or has lime deposits.the vineger will break this loose overnight.also after you let the iron steam out all the mixture,flush the iron 4 to 5 times and start using fresh water from a store bought gallon.your tap water is probably full of iron. Try using distilled water Instead of regular bottled or tap
  • V Smith
    V Smith
    on Feb 10, 2018

    Are you using bottled water or distilled water? Distilled water has the minerals removed, bottled water sometimes has them added. Most likely you are seeing mineral deposits that are pushed out with the steam, like lime. You can clean your iron with white vinegar and water just like a coffee maker. Then be sure to use distilled water.
  • Cindy
    on Feb 10, 2018

    Hi Sylvia, I had the same problem until I realized that the little flecks were coming from the spray starch I was using. So, I'm wondering if you use spray starch? If so, try ironing a few items without it. That's the test I did to confirm and, sure enough, it was indeed the starch.
  • Moo7212990
    on Feb 10, 2018

    Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar and set to steam until empty fill reservoir with clean water and let this steam until empty this should fix the problem vinegar is an awesome cleaning agent
    • Sylvia
      on Feb 10, 2018

      going to try this, sounds like a good and easy solution, thanks
  • Johnavallance82
    on Feb 10, 2018

    Drain all water after each use.
  • Caseyem11
    on Feb 10, 2018

    after cleaning with vinegar use distilled water only.
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