Asked on Feb 14, 2018

I have water coming into my garage

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The water is not coming in from the roof, I have checked the window that is ok, on a dry day I have dried the floor and the water still seems to come in on the garage floor cN you help

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  • Ken
    on Feb 14, 2018

    Sounds like you've tapped into a natural water source J. How many people would love that? Two things to try if you decide you aren't in love with it:

    1) make sure all the land in the area is sloping away from the garage. Make sure gutters are working and downspouts flow away from the garage. If that doesn't work:
    2) dig down below the footers, lay in stone and perforated pipe draining away from the garage. Called a "French Drain".

    One of these will fix the water problem. Lots of instructions for building the French Drain are available at the end of a Google search.
  • It sounds like it may be coming from the ground. You may need to address drainage around the garage.
  • Eroque022810
    on Feb 14, 2018

    Check to see first off cracks on outside foundation. Then check to see if ground surrounding home is graded away or sloping away from home. If foundation shows no cracks to the eye that's interesting but it could be that you have cracks on garage floor allowing moisture up. If grading is towards home instead of away then it needs to be regraded. Generally speaking you can do if your handy by building up ground around home so that it slopes away but look on YouTube because you need a certain pitch for best results you don't want it to high and you need to add plants to hold in place. If garage has cracks you can fill then with products at any big box store but make sure that cracks are not large because then you will have to get a professional. Generally you actally clean out the Crack and apply product. They also sell paint to lock garage floor and walls just like for a basrment.
    • Eroque022810
      on Feb 15, 2018

      Your welcome and I hope that it does solve your problem but don't neglect the grading as well. As time does on our homes continue to settle and the grading needs to be checked. Cracks come from the weather change and settling as well. Once you catch the problem then it's just a matter of fixing it and if they are small it's super easy. In fact today's Menard flyer has a product just for yhat,I live in northern Illinois and we aren't ready for anything close to spring cleaning and maintance,heck,winter just started!😁
  • Tx.15324696
    on Feb 14, 2018

    It most probably is a broken pipe under the garage floor. There are special plumbing companies who can pinpoint the point of leak, open up the floor and fix it. Make sure you get a warranty for the job
    • J.o29332912
      on Feb 14, 2018

      No pipes under the garage. But I have found some small cracks when I get a dry day I hope to solve the problem for your help
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