How do you keep a Boston fern alive for the Winter indoors?

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  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 26, 2018
    Mist the heck out of it several times a day.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 26, 2018
    They do love their humidity! Make sure it gets the same amount of light it gets where it is when it is outside. If it is not getting enough, perhaps a few hours with a daylight bulb. It has the whole spectrum of light like a grow light, but not near the super bright light that would probably burn the fern up!
    • Eew11786826 Eew11786826 on Feb 26, 2018
      Thanks, I had it in an area that didn’t have enough sunlight and died . I’ll take your advice and make sure I give it plenty of sun .
  • Kari Isringhausen-Nairn Kari Isringhausen-Nairn on Feb 26, 2018
    Also trim it back.
  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Feb 27, 2018
    I've never had any luck bringing them indoors after they thrived outdoors. All the do is make a huge mess. They need direct daylight...all day long..and lots of humidity. I gave up and throw them out.
    • Eew11786826 Eew11786826 on Feb 27, 2018
      I be tried twice indoors and they die. I think maybe I should stay with them outside. Thanks
  • Ginny Ginny on Feb 27, 2018
    Cut it back, thinning it back and water every few days. They also like to be spritzed every now and again. So far mine is making it. Winters in Maryland can be cold so heat is on quite a lot. Keep fern away from a heat source so it doesn't dry out too often.
    • Eew11786826 Eew11786826 on Feb 27, 2018
      I tried twice and they die. I think maybe next winter I may try your advice, cutting it back probably helps it thrive. If it doesn’t survive I’ll stick to outside. Thanks
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