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Still using the gorilla glue n it not durable enough. I need zero glue that can stick to any matter as l won't fall apart. Should I find some I'll even email my results

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 03, 2018
    what are you gluing?
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 03, 2018
    There is no one all purpose glue. What is used depends on the surfaces to be glued and the prep done to the surface and what the surface is like, rough, smooth or whatever.
    • Rac29048479 Rac29048479 on Mar 07, 2018
      I am using several surfaces n writing them down n still searching for the right glues. I make several of kind crafts with a lot of imagination. I use china,all types of fabric, glass all sizes n shapes, wood,yarn,hard plastic,just about anything that will glue I want to start showing my goods that I make. I have found add some glues which i will list on this site once I'm done. I'm looking fir glues that are durable n will stay glued ad time goes bye n still look great
  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Mar 03, 2018
    Nancy is right. I would say, go to your nearest hardware store, take the items you are trying to glue if that's possible, and ask for help. Surely someone can help you find just the adhesive you need.
  • Deb K Deb K on Mar 03, 2018
    Home Depot has a series of PL glues that glue rock and such
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Mar 03, 2018
    I like to use E6000 glue. You can get it wherever glue is sold. Hope this helps
  • William William on Mar 03, 2018
    I go for E6000 also. I had problems with Gorilla glue myself and don't like it.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 07, 2018
    A lot of glues will not work well when using it on smooth surfaces and will eventually come apart unless you scuff up where you are gluing. I use CA glue a lot, there are three different kinds, fast, medium and slow drying times. Fast is thin and slow is thick. I have had coffee cups, bowls, a lot things that I have glued back together years ago and still are holding together without a problem, but they were glued porous to porous, not slick to slick. They even have a solution you can spray on it to hasten the dry time. I use CA on the knots I use when I finish a bracelet. I use the silicone stretch material instead of thread because it lasts much longer than the regular elastic thread. I tie the knots and put a drop of CA on it to hold the knot in place as they like to slip. A drop of the kicker heats the solution to make it dry immediately. There is even a kicker for foam that doesn't heat up and melt the foam. There is also debonders to get it off your fingers. The only place I buy it is at hobby shops that carry things you put together yourself, like R/C cars and planes. They usually carry the better brands that really hold. I can't guarantee that it works for everything, but it works on a lot of things, and holds for a long time as long as you rough up the surfaces so it can bond with the surface and not be too hard and smooth. The slower and thicker ones do well with more uneven surfaces and fills in gaps, the faster, being thin, will run into small gaps like water to adhere further into the object.
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