What is the secret for growing good tomatoes?

hey seem to get spots on them sometimes from the sun

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  • Becky Becky on Mar 03, 2018
    Epsom salts
  • 27524803 27524803 on Mar 03, 2018
    One of the secrets... is to water them from the bottom... avoid getting water on the leaves. We live in Arizona... so our tomatoes have a roof made of shade cloth over them to keep the intense sun off of them.
  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 03, 2018
    Always water the top of the soil, not the top of the plant, so the leaves stay reasonably dry to avoid mildew. First put a wad of wet newspaper in the bottom of your hole or container. This acts like mulch and holds the water so that that the plant does not dry out and the tomatoes crack. If you put some Epsom salts in your water this helps to deter fungus problems and is supposed to give you better tomatoes. Pinch off the suckers which grow at the crux of the new stems coming out of the main stem. Tomatoes like a lot of water so do not let them dry out.
  • Becky Becky on Mar 06, 2018
    My grandfather won a lot of awards for his huge juicy red tomatoes.
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