Asked on Mar 9, 2018

Flooding yard- suggestions?

Deb KSissyStones


It seems our new home has some serious lack of drainage in the front yard especially. I am researching french drains and dry wells but the ground water levels may be too high as we are close to river. Other than bringing in large amounts of fill, does someone have a suggestion?
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  • Sissy
    on Mar 9, 2018

    I have an area in my yard and put a tank under ground and stone on top ,Best thing is when the tank has water in it I can drop liquid fertilizer in it and drop a small pump down attached to a hose and water and feed plants during hot weather
    • Catherine Deirdre Rodden
      Catherine Deirdre Rodden
      on Mar 9, 2018

      How deep did you put the tank/drum? That is sort of what the dry well does but I think the water table might be too high for this to be effective.
  • Shore grandmom
    Shore grandmom
    on Mar 9, 2018

    I live on an island, 7 blocks from the ocean and we have a similar problem. Water table is to high and we flood. I'm sorry to tell you, the only thing that has helped is bring in a lot of top soil and sloping it away from the house. Then plant shrubs. You should also make sure that your gutters have extensions to channel the water away. Good luck.
  • Stones
    on Mar 9, 2018

    You need to check ..Hydro Blox......hope I spelled it right,,....I think you will be happy..super easy to install...reasonable, no gravel.....water is usually 13 to 14 inches under ground will no believe it.....
  • Sissy
    on Mar 9, 2018

    I got a shallow tank that is only 2 feet deep but 6 feet long
  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Mar 10, 2018

    You can trench to a the road or other low lies (e creative), you also want to raise the grade at your house. Dress up the ditch with a pond liner and washed (or other decorative) rock and some shrubs etc. Hopefully the grading you do will "encourage" the water to run into and fill you dry creek beds.
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