Asked on Sep 28, 2015

How to remove urine smell from concrete?

by Thayerlaura
Please HELP!!! Due to dogs, the urine smell in the concrete in out basement will knock you over. It is so bad you can smell it all through out our house. What is the best way to get the urine smell out of concrete? I saw a remodeling show years ago, where they put something on the concrete, covered the whole floor with plastic for something like 24-48 hours, before they sealed it. It was suppose to be the best way to get the smell out, but of course I don't remember.
When you do seal it, does it really keep out any further urine smells or should we do more than just sealing it?
Any and all advice is very welcome. Thank you in advance.
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  • SoldBySherryP SoldBySherryP on Sep 28, 2015
    I have no answer to add here, but are you sure it is in the concrete itself and not in the walls? I wonder if you painted it if that would help to resolve it? Also, are you using a dehumidifier to pull any extra humidity out of the area? That may help a bit as well. Good luck! Please don't forget to follow up and let us know what resolutions you found.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 28, 2015
    Go to any pet store and buy natures miracle.
  • Z Z on Sep 28, 2015
    I agree with Natures Miracle. It works well. I would suggest the floor be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and dried before using the deodorizer though to make sure any residue that didn't soak in is cleaned away.
  • Cherisa Cherisa on Sep 28, 2015
    Vinegar & water. 1:1 ratio. Works better than anything I've ever tried for pet odors. The pets can't even find it anymore.
  • Heather Bulloch Heather Bulloch on Sep 28, 2015
    I have done the same as Cherisa....
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Sep 28, 2015
    I had cats that urinated on my cement floor. Now years later, the smell has come back with a vengeance. The vinegar worked for a while, but not permanently.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 28, 2015
    Vinegar is great for many uses however on cement because it is so poreous it will be temporary. Don't get me wrong I use a vinegar and water solution on laminent flooring all the time.
  • Kathy Hayden Kathy Hayden on Sep 29, 2015
    Ground coffee absorbs the smell
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Sep 29, 2015
    BAKING SODA & CAT LITTER. Pour a layer of baking soda over the entire area. Make sure you can't see the cement through it at all. Next, put a layer of cat litter (can't see the soda through it either). The baking soda will draw the urine to the surface & the cat litter will absorb it. It should stay down on the floor for at least a week. Remove litter with a broom & dustpan you don't mind throwing away. That will help with lingering smells. Hope this helps. :)
  • Dawn Corrigan Dawn Corrigan on Sep 29, 2015
    Try baking soda and peroxide. Both are very inexpensive. Mix right on the floor and use an old broom to scrub it around. Leave sit about a half hour and then mop it up.
  • Txstout Txstout on Sep 29, 2015
    Concrete Sealer. Its what I used in a rental house I owned. It was the only thing that worked.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Sep 29, 2015
    Unless you end up replacing or fully sealing the floor with an industrial grade product and maybe after a new ceramic floor time, none of these things will work.
  • All377999 All377999 on Sep 29, 2015
    Go to a professional janitorial supply,they have a product that works.
  • Deana Deana on Sep 29, 2015
    I have used Original Listerine mouthwash mix half & half with water. Spray on floor & cover with newspaper till dry. Newspaper will absorb the smell. May have to do it a couple of times but it works.
  • Conchita Bowman Conchita Bowman on Sep 29, 2015
    Sprinkle lime(powder not pelt) on your concrete. It will take out skunk odor therefore it should remove urine odor.
  • Cj Avery Cj Avery on Sep 29, 2015
    I can tell you what we use intheautobody shop that actually got tips from big gas station where I worked...any shop knows what oil dry is but most have discovered the cheap alternative..first is this a total basement or entry level from a floor level half inside and half outside? Tools depending on basement square footage cat sand cheap works but has to be clay so you might need 4 or more huge bags; box of powered detergent (powder not liquid) or maybe two big boxes, broom with stiff bristials or more than one helping get two or three, dust pans, old hard sole shoes (they can be washed later), oh yeah detergent you can use whatever smell you want, mops. If you want to paint seal floor this will help clean surface to. Ok to help you remove any furniture. Now the fun begins take the kitty liter and do areas sprinkle on concrete maybe 3ft x 3ft , take your hard sole shoes and work the liter into cement till it becomes almost dust should be gray or white....ok now leave that and start another whole basement. Let sit for 24 to 48 hours. Than take broom dust pan and sweep up throw in trash don't reuse. Next get buckets of warm water and broom, detergent sprinkle detergent in small areas small amount of water and rub into concrete sort of like cleaning pots pans, let set for awhile than mop up, it takes time but works . Concrete is porous like glass. If sealing floor you might use some of the new garage floor paints comes in several colors. You can after all that than sprinkle baking soda all over floor leave over night sweep up.
    • Heidy Heidy on Oct 01, 2015
      Concrete is porous like glass? I truly want to understand these directions but have my doubts.
  • Valerie Bradshaw Valerie Bradshaw on Sep 29, 2015
    I would try an enzymatic pet stain and odor remover like Nature's Miracle. It does come in large containers. It breaks downs the the compounds of the urine and removes the stain. I have used it on concrete floors w/ cat urine and it worked.
  • There is a product made in Rockport, TX called knockout. It is made by a scientist and I know this works. Especially on cat urine. It is called Nokout. The spot will smell worse until the mixture dries. It's in the drying process that the magic occurs. Here is the link I know this works and best of all, the animals cannot smell it either to go back to the same spot.
  • Kathy Kathy on Sep 29, 2015
    Use Odo-Ban. Available at Home Depot or Sam's. Mix it in a bucket, with any floor mopping detergent, and mop the floor with it. It has a fresh scent, but it also kills the urine odor, not just covers it up.
  • Jennie Herrick Jennie Herrick on Sep 29, 2015
    When I purchased a foreclosed home once I had the same issue and I tried all of the odor killing/enzymatic cleaners on the market to try to get that smell out of the concrete. Basically, it was a WASTE OF GOOD MONEY!!! The best thing you can do is get yourself a respirator mask, some rubber gloves, and a gallon of myuratic acid. That one gallon bottle should make 5 gallons of cleaning solution. (4 gallons of water to 1 gallon of acid) Take a scrub brush on a long handle and scrub the floors with the cleaner starting in the far corner and cover it with plastic sheeting as you work your way out of the room. (I did half the basement one night and the other half the next) Also, make sure you have any windows in the basement open to allow any fumes to escape. Let the floor stand at least 12 hours covered in plastic then the next day go back and rinse thoroughly with clear water pushing excess water towards the floor drain. (Oh, the acid will end up cleaning out your drain in the process too, so you'll be killing 2 birds with one stone!) Then repeat the process for the other side. You can also turn on box fans to help dry the wet floors and then once they are completely dry I would seal them with a sealer like Drylok. Not only will it keep water from coming into your basement from the outside, it should also keep any fluids from getting into the concrete from the inside also. Good luck!
  • Janice James Janice James on Sep 29, 2015
    My daughter rented a house that had cat urine through carpet to the wood floors , me being thrifty used white vinegar....pour in on and let it dry, also animals don't like the smell so it can help to deter repeat action.
  • Mari hart Mari hart on Sep 29, 2015
    We covered the floor with baking soda then put vinegar over it and covered with a tarp for several hours. When you take the tarp up it will look yellow as this draws the urine up. You may need to do this several times.
  • Nita Reddy Nita Reddy on Sep 29, 2015
    THere's a good product called "Stink Free" that worked well for me (dog only, no cat). I tried several other products, and this one worked the best. It will take a lot, because you have to saturate the stain. The baking soda might work, as well. I've had good luck using baking soda to draw out odors in textiles. I think I might try to draw out as much of the urine as possible before using vinegar, too, since the vinegar neutralizes the baking soda.
  • Paddy Paddy on Sep 29, 2015
  • Barbara Randazza Barbara Randazza on Sep 29, 2015
    Bleach itu a few times. Straight bleach!
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    • Kathy D Kathy D on Aug 27, 2018

      No it does not. Ammonia that you buy at the store but not cat urine. The only thing that will take it out is bleach spraying it let it soak then rinse with a hose thru the basement window. Just make sure all the windows are open.

  • Joan Weissgerber Joan Weissgerber on Sep 29, 2015
    "Anti-Icky-Poo" is available on-line and it works! Developed to remove cadavers smell in homes. Runs about $33 gallon and well worth the money - it even gets out cat urine. A vet recommended it to me and have been using it for years. Guaranteed or your money back.
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    • Nancy T Nancy T on Sep 30, 2015
      @Joan Weissgerber Thank you so much for the heads up about 'Anti-Icky-Poo'. I have 2 cats (one old and misses the mark A LOT) and a dog who pee's on my carpet in retaliation to the 2 cats. I've tried several others but nothing works vert well on the smell that seems to linger for ever. I am crossing my fingers this will work. Do you think it will work as well on older, set stains?
  • Joan Weissgerber Joan Weissgerber on Sep 29, 2015
    You're welcome. Give them a call and they are great with help. After its all dry, consider sealing with Kilz primer before putting a floor covering on top. Extra insurance for those damp, humid days that bring out the worst of pet odors. Best of luck in your new home.
  • Libby Blankenship Libby Blankenship on Sep 30, 2015
    I had this issue with a dog that continually peed on my tile floor. The grout absorbed the smell and it was horrible. I would buy about a gallon of "Nature's Miracle" from our pet store (Hollywood Feed-Memphis, TN), and just poured it out over the floor.....and used a mop to spread it around and let it soak in until completely dried. This got rid of the smell entirely (at least until he did it again). The dog has been gone from the house now for 5 years......and there is NO residual smell whatsoever. I SWEAR by this stuff!
  • Heide Heide on Sep 30, 2015
    I subscribe to a newsletter by Mary Hunt called Everyday Cheapskate. For years she has talked about a product called Nok-Our. I have never used this product but Mary Hunt is well known so I trust what she has to say. This is taken from her website; "Nok-Out is both an odor eliminator and germicide (bacterial and viral). The best thing: No fumes, no perfume—absolutely not toxic." If you are interested in looking into this product you can find it at If you go through her website there is a coupon for 10% off of your order. Good luck with your problem.
  • Cj Avery Cj Avery on Oct 01, 2015
    Porous as in glass....probably a bad example on my part explaining. Most material usually has a absorption rates except water proof. Wood, cloth, paper, cement and more, it has porousness, so can hold oders , grow mold and other things. You take the clay cat sand pore it on floor in small areas. With your shoes grind the cat sand into the cement, leave it over night, than swept up...the clay absorbs the odors. Next use water and detergent and mop the floors and after that if you want sprinkle baking soda on floor leave over night and than sweep.
  • Karen Rogerson Karen Rogerson on Oct 03, 2015
    Try bleach. It should kill the bacteria.
  • Paddy Paddy on Oct 04, 2015
    • Kathy D Kathy D on Jul 05, 2016
      Yes it is as I posted below it takes out cat and dog pee. The trick is to use lots of water to rinse it!
  • Slgibbs1 Slgibbs1 on Oct 22, 2015
    Biz enzyme cleaner removes most organic matter. I would make a mixture and pour it on concrete and let it sit for awhile. Can't hurt.
  • Kathy D Kathy D on Jul 05, 2016
    Bleach solution and lots of water! If it has a french drain and you can use a hose clean with a strong bleach solution with a little dish soap. And scrub using a long handled brush. I just did this for someone with cats and dogs that peed and pooped all over the basement. It was bad! I had it cleaned where the smell was gone and it did take time about 5 hours or so. Unfortunately they let it happen all over again and they had a contractor seal the floor whom did not clean it and the place smells worse then before.
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    • Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson on May 05, 2019

      What was the mix ratio?

  • Alexandra Smith Alexandra Smith on Aug 27, 2018

    Online only

  • Kathy D Kathy D on Aug 27, 2018

    Do not seal over urine the smell will never go away! Bleach bleach bleach and lots of water. Just wear a mask. And lots of air circulation.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Sep 28, 2018

    Bleach bakingsodsa

  • Alysha Alysha on Nov 23, 2019

    I just had this issue with two dogs we found who used the bathroom all over our unfinished Basement concrete floor. Here is what I did and it worked in amazing ways!!!

    make sure to have a dehumidifier in the area and running

    step one:

    purchase a box of trisodium phosphate at your local hardware store, along with a scrub brush with long broom handle and 5 gallon bucket. Mix 1/2 cup powder trisodium phosphate with 1gallon hot water. Have a second gallon of plain hot water on hand. Work in 3x3 or 4x4 areas by dumping tsp/hot water mixture on concrete. Spread all around with scrub brush and scrub scrub scrub for several minutes making sure the tsp water mixture does not evaporate too fast. Strong ammonia smells will come out so don’t worry that’s what you want it to do!

    after scrubbing and letting tsp water mixture soak into the floor for 10-20 min, rinse with the gallon of hot water you had to the side and suck up 1-2 times with shop vac.

    its a long process but IT WORKS!! Let dry for 24 hours.

    step 2:

    purchase Anti Icky Poo

    spread a thick even coat over the concrete working in small areas pretty much like was done with the tsp and water scrubbing

    let it soak into the concrete (it evaporated fast so make sure to put thick coats down and the product is runnier than I anticipated) let dry 24 hours no rinsing necessary.

    depending on the severity of the mess, you may have to do two coats.

    step 3:

    I purchased an ozone air purifier on amazon, now this replaces the oxygen (O2) with ozone (O3), so when it is running make sure no one is in the house, no animals or plants as well! We ran it for two hours (it’s on a timer) and stayed away from the house for two more additional hours to let the O3 convert back to O2. ITS A MIRACLE, we have our basement back now!!! Ozone generators are used widely in fire and mold restorations! It kills virtually all bad smells, mold/mildew etc., just be sure to research/read directions before using so you and your family stay safe!

  • on Jun 24, 2021

    Agree with lots of people suggesting a deep clean with vinegar and rinse. After that consider sealing it with a waterproof primer like Zinsser's Watertite to block any residual odour:

  • Rebecca L Barker Rebecca L Barker on Mar 02, 2023

    You should try the Rocco and Rosie stain and odor eliminater works wonders!