How to hang heavy items on plaster wall?

I have a 100 year old beautiful mirror. It is very heavy. So how can I be sure that the weight will not pull out of the wall.


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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 10, 2018
    I bought a kit for hanging extra large mirrors and paintings, and I still wasn’t sure. You have to go through the plaster and into the studs. Don’t just depend on two hangers. Use one for every stud. You can also attach a piece of quarter round with long butterfly screws just under the bottom edge of your mirror so the tension caused to the wall is eased a bit. Make sure you have help in lifting and hanging the mirror. Best wishes ☺️
  • CecileH CecileH on Mar 11, 2018
    If you have lath and plaster walls you can use things I call butterfly screws. I'm not sure the real name but if you explain to someone at a building supply store that it is a screw that goes into a pre drilled hole that has an anchor plug that sits in the plaster (so it doesn't crack) and springs open once the screw goes through the plug like a butterfly...they will know what you are talking about. The idea is, the plug protects the plaster, the spring back that butterflies spreads the weight to a larger portion of plaster so it doesn't break the plaster off the wall. Another idea, if your mirror is big enough to span at least two studs, you can install a hanging bar made of a hard wood, on the two studs that will span the studs using them for support, if you cut the top edge of the wood on an angle making a protruding lip, on a second piece of wood you do the same angle but make it so the lip slips into the one mounted on the wall. This you could use E6000 glue to adhere it to the mirror. Leave it for at least 24 hours to cure before mounting it on the wall by slipping the lip over the other OR use the mirror hanging wire to slip over the lip (if the mirror has hanging wire-if not, you can make one or take it to a picture framer to have them install one on it.
  • Spi31698162 Spi31698162 on Mar 12, 2018
    make sure you use every stud top and bottom of mirror
  • Jcraw Jcraw on Mar 12, 2018
    If you have plaster walls, an excellent investment is a Stud-finder. Could be the best $30 you will ever spend in an old house. Several also find wiring and pipes.
    I also use ”painters tape” over my proposed hole, as it seems to protect the surrounding plaster somewhat.
  • Barbara Barbara on Mar 12, 2018
    Of course finding the studs is necessary but for a sturdy, full width, hanging system use a french cleat. We have hung mirrors, mantels and a shelving unit to hold all our TV equipment this way. Many directions online for making this system.
  • Kay Green Kay Green on Mar 22, 2018
    Thank you so much! I did the clear and so far so good! Again thank you!