Can anyone tell me what this is?

This is in an older model house next to the sink. It doesn't fold down or move in anyway. It's been said by one person it's used for vegetables like potatoes you stack up, but I'm not so sure if that is correct. Can anyone for sure say they know what this is used for? TIA
q can anyone tell me what this is
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  • Carol Sybrowsky Carol Sybrowsky on Mar 27, 2018
    You would not use it for potatoes, onions or any root vegetables because light makes them turn green and sprout. Too narrow to store canned goods or spices. Maybe they clipped recipe cards to the rods with clothes pins? Probably not - too close to sunlight and humidity from the sink. Certainly is weird. I cannot think of any practical reason for this.
  • Lsherbach Lsherbach on Mar 27, 2018
    Could it be a pot lid holder? Hard to tell the depth from here. But thats what I thought of immediately when I saw it.
  • Ro Ro on Mar 27, 2018
    Looks like a plate holder I wonder if someone thought it was just a decorative touch
  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Mar 27, 2018
    I understand what you said, but the picture doesn't help me have a say what to do. Take a picture from further away, and if there's a door open it.
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 27, 2018
    I can't really tell by the picture...
  • Ter32507210 Ter32507210 on Mar 27, 2018
    A place to store wooden chopping blocks?
  • ROBIN ROBIN on Mar 27, 2018

  • Victoria Child Victoria Child on Mar 29, 2018
    Was the sink always there? It may be a spice rack. Or a dish towel rod?
  • Gail Gail on Mar 29, 2018
    Used to store those large decorative glass cutting boards ( thick glass sheets), larger hard plastic cutting boards, & pastry sheets. Thinner wooden cutting boards will tuck away in it but probably not the real butcher block cutting boards. Large serving trays will fit as well. It's design is for large fairly thin or flatter pieces. Hope this helps.
  • Sonya Pritchard Sonya Pritchard on Mar 29, 2018
    I agree that it looks like portion of a wooden drying racK. Does it fold down I front of window?

  • BON8290213 BON8290213 on Mar 30, 2018
    Perhaps an area for storage of baking sheets and such...

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