Asked on Apr 3, 2018

I have a 2 year old stainless steel sink with brown marks.

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These small brown marks appeared recently and I have tried all kinds of cleaners, even stainless steel spray cleaner and I haven't been able to remove them. Please advise.

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  • Jim Cox
    Jim Cox
    on Apr 3, 2018

    #0000 steel wool, follow the grain in the steel.

  • Redcatcec
    on Apr 3, 2018

    Are you having rust spots? That would be my first thought. Maybe the finish is worn through enough to produce rust.
    Try using baking soda, make a paste and let it stand and then scrub to remove the marks. If they turn out to be rust, do your best to keep the sink dry.
    • Earlene
      on Apr 3, 2018

      I found a solution on Pintarist for cleaning rust from metal. Since the spots are in the sink, you might try soaking a paper towel in lemon juice and placing it on the spots. I removed rust from some tools with lemon juice.
  • Suellen Hintz
    Suellen Hintz
    on Apr 3, 2018

    Stainless can be affected by things you've never thought possible! We've got a mark that looks like a drip where handsoap got on it and wasn't washed off so be careful of what you use. Cheaper kitchen tools can leave rust marls and it can get into the texture of the sink if it is brushed or satin. If that is the problem, use a powdered cleanser that you've made into a thick paste, then gently scrub in the direction of the sink's finish. If a smooth finish, gently use something like soft scrub as it is a finer grit.
  • Jjarnett
    on Apr 3, 2018

    Bar Keepers Friend found in any groceries next to Comet. After cleaning polish with lemon oil or any cooking oil for new shiny sink look.
  • Han11807599
    on Apr 3, 2018

    I get them from a few old sheet pans I use but should probably toss. I scrub my sink with either "soft scrub" cleanser with bleach, or use SOS pads, the spots scrub right off.
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