Brown spots in grass from dog urine

I have a female dog, that leaves urine spots in my grass(brown spots} what can I put on the grass to turn it geen again?
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  • Lavende Lavende on May 01, 2014
    What type of grass do you have? If you're looking for an organic route, mix 2 oz of table sugar with a gallon of water and pour onto the spots. That helps kick start the soil's natural microbes that will help process the urine and make the soil habitable for grass. It works better on some types of grass than others, though. Fertilize well, and either put down new seed to fill in the gaps or transplant some from an area where it grows abundantly.
  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on May 02, 2014
    That happens with my dog too. I made a small area in my yard for her to do her 'business' and this helped a LOT - now I have a small area that looks awful instead of brown patches everywhere! Also, I found watering down the place RIGHT AWAY where she just peed helps dilute it and the brown spots don't develop at all - but trying to do that every time isn't always possible :)
  • Vicky Prince Vicky Prince on May 03, 2014
    Diluted canine urine is a great fertilizer, so pour a full watering can of water on the area as soon as she has finished pee-peeing.
  • Kendra Loftus Kendra Loftus on May 03, 2014
    Another thing you can do is give your dog some V8 mixed in with their food. The acid in the juice will counter the acid in their urine therefore preventing the yellowing of the lawn. I use if for my dogs and it works wonders.
  • LA - Fairhope Supply Co. LA - Fairhope Supply Co. on May 04, 2014
    Be glad it's not your antique turkish rug. I'd love it if my dog would stain the grass!
  • Yvonne Yvonne on May 04, 2014
    Sherry, check the food that you are feeding your dog. The reason why I say this is because I often look after my mothers dog when she goes away on long vacations and I have noticed that her dog during the first week or so it's pee burns my grass, ( my dogs pee does not do this) . When the dog is here I feed it the food I feed my dog. The problem seems to be salt in the food that the dog was eating, and it doesn't take much at all ,the odd table scrap and some dog treats even have salt . Once the salt was all out of its system no more yellow spots. And my mom said soon after she got back and put the dog back on it regular diet her yellow spots started up again.
  • Brizza Brizza on May 06, 2014
    my friend would give her dog cranberry pill every other day it help the dog not to get a bladder problem and it helps your grass not to die
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