Asked on Apr 5, 2018

Total number of colors in a room without it looking too “busy”?

TaeDDNan W.


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  • C
    on Apr 5, 2018

    Not sure what you are asking. I have done 3 walls in one color, 1 wall with wallpaper and a white or different color ceiling. Looked great!
  • Ebbjdl
    on Apr 5, 2018

    Start with three, such as fawn, brown, and light, light, peach.
  • 2dogal
    on Apr 5, 2018

    The average is three colors.
  • Mary
    on Apr 5, 2018

    3 is the textbook answer, but I believe in doing what makes you happy when you look at something. I love pink, and I notice that when I see it anywhere, I automatically smile. Do what makes YOU SMILE.
  • Lisa S.
    Lisa S.
    on Apr 5, 2018

    3 colors. One should be more neutral like gray or tan. One should be used in smaller doses for a punch of color. A pattern on drape, chair / pillow / area rug / painting should help pull them all together.
  • Nan W.
    Nan W.
    on Apr 5, 2018

    I agree... three is optimal... but don't discount something you love for the sake of three!

  • Tae
    on Apr 5, 2018

    I say 3 a small room and 5 for a larger one
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