How do I I remove and transplant hostas?

My hostas have outgrown their spot. They turn Brown by July. How do I thinthem out and transplant them and when?

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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Apr 18, 2018
    Early spring when they begin to come out of the earth is best. Prepare the new spot. Take a shovel and drive it straight down deeply between the emerging spikes (each will make a plant) to cut the roots. Transplant the separated spike to its new home. Make sure it gets enough water while growing.
  • Natalie Natalie on Apr 18, 2018
    It's really easy try to stay away from the from so it still looks good but you can use a small shovel stick it in green the plant to make it the size you want, talks some off the back and sides, just pull them out. Then pat the earth tightly around the part you are keeping, it will only take a short amount of time that they will look as good as new, just smaller and prettier. Do it end of Mayish as long as your weather is spring like. You can really kill hostas, they are really touch plants, give them some plant food and water and they will be perfect
  • Just dig out the clump, separate and replant. Any time you can work the soil is ok for hostas
  • Pud Langley Pud Langley on Apr 18, 2018
    I find hostas to be so transplant friendly it’s unreal. Just take a hand
    spade and dig up where you need to thin them out and then replant you some more. Hostas are hearty plants and they come right back after a late frost to look gorgeous. They look great around a tree, stumps you haven’t Had removed in beds or along a walk way. They are pretty much maintainance free. I started out with five and from those five I probably have 100 now. I move them from spring to fall and I have never had one die.

  • Marsha Hollister Marsha Hollister on Apr 18, 2018
    thank you if it ever gets springlike here in Ohio i will thin them out🌿
  • Cri3075948 Cri3075948 on Apr 20, 2018
    hostas are nearly impossible to kill-transplant in spring or fall
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