Asked on May 14, 2018

Front yard fower bed and bank help!



I am looking for some ideas for the front area of my house. Mainly the bank and the front flower beds and sidewalk. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!
q front yard fower bed and bank help
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  • Mwood
    on May 14, 2018

    You may want to consider replacing the solid "rails" around the porch with posts to "open it up" and give a more "airy" feel. I would suggest removing all the bushes and replace with pampas grass at both ends of the house and either rose bushes or a mix of bulbs, crocus, iris, daffodils, snap dragons etc. Plant the tallest ones to the back, and the smallest ones to the front. Adding mulched flower beds going down the walk and some wrought iron rails will add great curb appeal. would also incorporate a small flower bed in the middle of the left lawn to "balance it out" and place your statuary in that garden. You seem to get a lot of sun, so roses or other hardy plants that grow well in your area would do well. Lilies of the Valley would be appropriate in such a flower bed. Use gravel instead of mulch and set some colorful pots with plants - change them out as the seasons change. Grab some magazines at Lowes or Home Depot or search online to find what grows best in your area. Mix it up! Have fun with it!

  • Sharon
    on May 14, 2018

    I would hang some nice flowering hanging baskets on the porch, and two potted trees on either side of the front steps and call it good.

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