Asked on Jun 1, 2018

My refrigerator smells...any ideas?

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My refrigerator has a funky smell...I have cleaned it out and added baking soda...but when I open it it still smells...any ideas?

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  • Deana Thaxton Samms
    Deana Thaxton Samms
    on Jun 1, 2018

    You may need to clean the drip pan and the drain. I could be that there is "gunk" built up there that is causing the odor.
  • Dol29619998
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Check the drainage tray under the fridge. It may be in the back, or remove the front bottom grill. It can hold moldy water.
  • Ebbjdl
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Wash it out with warm water and a tinch of pine cleaner. Also put two open boxes of baking soda in the fridge. Keep it there for about 3 months, and shake the box every now and then. Use the old baking soda for washing cutting boards, the sink, and whatever else you have.
  • Triva Brooks
    Triva Brooks
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Maybe something is under it?
  • Redcatcec
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Did something go bad in it and seep into the crevasses? Next check the drainage area for any nasty build up? Use the baking soda and water to clean, do the freezer too. Keep baking soda in the box in the refrig to absorb and odors, switch out every couple of months and date the boxes so you know when you put it there.
  • Kelly-n-Tony
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Use bleach water to wipe it down and also get the rubber seal.
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